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Refuting the Flying Spaghetti Monster when someone uses it like this.

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User Info: Joe605

4 years ago#81
almasbaby posted...
Because your faith influences the way you operate, and the way you teach others you may have authority over to operate.

I've never encountered a boss in my life who demanded anything of me based on their faith, or any teachers either.

When you teach children that unquestioning faith is a good thing, you make the world safe for the Osama bin Ladens of the planet, and that is unacceptable. He wasn't a crazy, psychopathic murderer, he was just faithful.

Well, I think his faith is perverted. He obviously cherry picked verses from the koran to justify his actions. Many peace loving Muslims think he's a psychopathic murderer the same as you do. Aren't you just sterotyping the faithful, painting us all with a negative image that suits you? And I don't think unquestioning faith is a good thing. If your reason has led you to atheism, fine, go your merry way with it. What law is preventing you?

Your faith teaches us to be content with not understanding how the world works, and that is also unacceptable.

Quite a few scientists were and are people of faith.

Your faith teaches that those who do good deeds should do so because they expect a reward, and that if you don't do good deeds you will be punished severely. It does not breed people that wish to perform good works out of kindness, but rather with the expectation of reward. That is also unacceptable.

Actually, many people of faith believe that it's what's in your heart that matters, not in the deed.

Your faith preys on fear, and specifically targets children before they have even come remotely close to gaining the ability to think things through for themselves. Religion is like circumcision, If you wait until people are 21 before you tell them about it, not too many people are going to be enthusiastic about it.

This is the first lesson I learned as a Catholic. Who made me? God made me. Why? Because he loves me. I was also taught that Jesus loves the little children. I felt real good about that.

I go out of my way to make a mockery of your faith because your faith doesn't deserve anything but mockery, it does a ton of harm to people all over the world, both physically and mentally, and its stranglehold on the world is unbelievably tight. Truth is indeed not relative to the individual.

If faith did all the harm you say there wouldn't be so much of it in the world. People would have abandoned it in droves. They turn to their faith not to harm one another but to find peace through their relationship with God.

People would not abandon faith in droves because strong religious convictions develop as a result of the misfiring of certain survival traits in children that are actually quite useful for the survival of the human race. It inspired indoctrination of children. I know, I used to seriously believe this nonsense to the point that I was one of the people that would read in church. Its pure indoctrination of little children who can't possibly know any better. Its immoral, and dangerous.

It doesn't matter how many Muslims think he was psychotic. They are just hypocrites who can't prove him wrong. Unquestioning faith is a horrible, horrible thing. If it was questioned, it would no longer be an issue of faith.
Bowling IS a sport.
The good thing about science is that it is true whether or not you believe in it.

User Info: gmanthebest

4 years ago#82
Hi Proudclown.
"gman, you're the best! ^_^" - EarthLord_CJ - You got a real purty mouth
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