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How do you feel about works of fiction where...

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User Info: SirThinkALot

4 years ago#21
I dont have any particular problem with it. I might not read a story that was written explicitly for the purpose of blaspheming against what I believe(like His Dark Materials). But its not something I get upset about really...
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User Info: almasbaby

4 years ago#22
It would be interesting. A storyline that comes to mind is a Philistine warrior, empowered by one of the pagan gods (Baal), going up to Mt. Sinai and kicking Yahweh's and all the angels asses because he's tired of Yahweh always favoring the Israelites, so he consorts with the pagan gods to put an end to it.. That would be a pretty interesting story or videogame.

I better not see a bestselling novel or a videogame of this idea on the shelf someday, or I'll sue for theft of intellectual property.

User Info: DarkContractor

4 years ago#23
probably my fav. quote from Fire Emblem: radiant dawn, actually it might have been Por, yeah it was, the first time the Black Knight is on the map at that Crimean port town, Nasir, in response to the citizens who didnt care about the empire taking over, was just like "Yeah, these guys turn a blind eye to all the suffering in the world while giving thanks to the Heavens for the meager things of their everyday lives" not verbratim, but yeah

i found in general the tellius FE games to be full of subtle criticisms of theology and philosophy here and there. Like in FE9, Ashnard pretty much wanted to implement a radical version of Social Darwinism and FE10 is a good reminder that history is written by the victors. Afterall, Deshinghea KNEW that his opponent, Yune, wasn't evil at all but still wrote history for her to be remembered as a Dark God and it was like that for the whole 700 years until she was released An apologetics channel on the Christian faith (And I'm better looking than Proudclad)

User Info: lasthero

4 years ago#24
You know what I miss? Grandia 2. I hope that gets a re-release, sometime.
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User Info: renskyfire

4 years ago#25
Depends on how its done. If its just, this not so veiled attempt at <insert religious God here> and all of the God's followers are basically the evil/insane or outright stupid, it gets kind of old.It just feels like a petty jab.

Also the whole God is evil thing, bit overdone in my opinion. It was cool Grandia 2(I think God was evil in that) and was meh whatever in FFX.

The main reason I have a problem with poorly done reasons of God is evil isn't because they're insulting God. I'm a theist and I still don't care if you insult God, I just think "good for you why are you telling me this?" I have a problem with poorly done reasons because it generally means a poorly done story in the game. That's what bugs me.
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User Info: lasthero

4 years ago#26
It was cool Grandia 2(I think God was evil in that)

In Grandia 2 God is dead. He got in a fight with Valmar, the evil god, and while he managed to knock Valmar to pieces, the fight killed him. The church went on, but they're worshipping the evil god and they don't even realize it. At least I think it was like that.
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User Info: thecrobar

4 years ago#27
I've been working on a story for years where the main antagonist ends up being what is essentially god, but not really the Christian god.

The guy was a powerful warrior, and eventually gained knowledge that the original group of Roman/Greek styled gods were mostly jerks that didn't care at all about people. He staged a coup and managed to kill them, and claims all of their powers for himself. The battle pretty much destroys everything, so he has to make it over again.

He sort of styles himself as a benevolent dictator of everything and creates a new world with new rules for how beings of godly power work that's something closer to Shinto (the gods live on their own plane, and there's actually more gods then humans), and then he vanishes with the idea of never interfering again since he's kind and doesn't want to rule over people. He just manipulates things from the sidelines so no one ever gets too powerful to challenge the system. He's got the best of intentions, but the implication is that even with infinite power it's impossible to create a truly "fair" universe and his attempts to enforce equality end up doing the opposite.
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User Info: Iamvegito

4 years ago#28
From: Lord_Ichmael | #001
-In the book trilogy His Dark Materials, the Christian God referred to as The Authority is a fraud, an angel/alien who merely tricked people into believing he was the universe's creator, although he does sort of get deemed in the end.

Sounds like they just blatantly copied this:
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