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Does God care about sports?

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User Info: AdmiralBison

4 years ago#11
so which team did Jesusgod back?

Id love to see those odds in Vegas
If delusions and Illusions are an en-escapable part of our entire lives, why not just pick a positive one?

User Info: hamsandwich3141

4 years ago#12
God put it all on Harbaugh, sneaky bastard.
She went after her kids with super love, they turned into drugs. - LastManStanding

User Info: kts123

4 years ago#13
lasthero posted...
TheRealJiraiya posted...
God is a Cowboys fan, so he isnt super interested in either of these non Cowboys teams

For some reason, I always imagined that, if God exists, he's a big Chess player.

I don't like playing Tic Tac Toe anymore because I already figured out the perfect game. Now I imagine God would probably consider Chess equally rudimentary.

User Info: mercuryink

4 years ago#14
Not really, but when the Rangers defiled the Stanley Cup, that was too far and He did curse them.
Some people are proof that G-d exists; evolution would have prevented them.
New Jersey Devils -- Stanley Cup Champions -- 1995-2000-2003
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