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A question for non-Christians.

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User Info: GBALoser

4 years ago#12
Do I get upset? Not really. Usually it's some 80-year-old grandmother expressing a tenet of her faith, so I just smile and nod.

Then again, there was this one time I was at the doctor's office, and the cute nurse on duty noticed the book on religion I had brought with me for the waiting room. She started proselytizing on her Christian faith, and I discussed my deistic nature.

Then she shot me in the ass. I wasn't too pleased that time.
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User Info: JonWood007

4 years ago#13
Depends how you define "upset".

On the one hand, it's no worse than being told Santa ain't bringing me presents this year, but as someone who has gone through the indoctrination people often recieve (more from my schooling than my parents), I do think hell is a very problematic concept. I think it's ridiculous that people are brought up in a system that teaches them that nonconformity with said system will mean you're gonna be tortured for all eternity. I despise religions that impress this knowledge upon kids, often scaring the crap out of them into conformity. I despise the fact that Christianity often has an us vs them mentality outside of attempting to convert nonbelievers. I despise religion for closing peoples' minds, for making them shy away from ideas that go against the religion under threats that some boogeyman is attempting to decieve them so that they will burn in eternal torment for all eternity. Looking at the average nonbeliever, as a Christian, I could not tell them to their face that their lack of sharing the same religion as me makes them deserve eternal torment. It's a horrifying concept.

So yes, I would say, in a sense, I get upset when people mention hell, I get angry. I get angry that people think that not sharing a certain point of view regarding some supposed Jewish zombie deserves eternal torment. I get angry that this idea is impressed on children's minds.
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User Info: LunarAmbience

4 years ago#14
I chuckle in my mind. It's like hearing a kid tell me I'm not going to get presents if I don't believe in Santa. I don't share the same carrots and sticks as these people. It's when they want to impede me here in the real world based on what I believe that I get angry.
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User Info: AynRandySavage

4 years ago#15
I worry about how it might affect other people, but it doesn't bother me too much.

User Info: squareandrare

4 years ago#16
"If that's what you really believe, then you are a deluded, despicable human being."

It cuts right through the BS.
"Physics is not a religion. If it were, we'd have a much easier time raising money."
-- Leon Lederman

User Info: fudrick

4 years ago#17
No, I don't. I don't really get upset at anything though
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User Info: dkcprje

4 years ago#18
Do you get upset when I tell you that you will cease to experience a thing when you die?
"...says the guy who thinks a woman consents if she doesn't scream." "In that context, yes. It was consent. Get over it." - Numba1linesmen

User Info: UnfairRepresent

4 years ago#19
It depends.

If random people say it? No.

If I'm trying to have a rational conversation with someone? Yes.

Well I should clarify. Often we;ll be talking and their arguments will be falling apart at every level, then instead of mounting a good comeback or giving up, they will say "Well you'll all burn in hell when you face God's judgement!!" or something to that extent and the moment they do they've become irrational and are wasting time. The entire conversation is now pretty much pointless.
^ Hey now that's completely unfair.

User Info: UnfairRepresent

4 years ago#20
Although having said that TC. I think your "If you don;t believe in it then it shouldn't bother you" logic is flawed.

I don't believe that homosexuality is a choice or wrong but it would still irritates me when people passionately claim otherwise and then use that as an excuse to hate on homosexuals.

That doesn't mean I agree with them, it means I find their attitudes insulting
^ Hey now that's completely unfair.
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