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People who write in books

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User Info: almasbaby

4 years ago#11
I hi-lite passages or sentences that are especially meaningful to me. I don't write in margins, though.

User Info: Beren

4 years ago#12
No markings for me, except in a few rare cases (almost exclusively college literature and philosophy books).
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User Info: FlashOfLight

4 years ago#13
TheRealJiraiya posted...
Aight, lots of my friends make notes and marks on their Bibles

This is something I could never do. The idea of having writing on a book just drives me nuts.

Who here does/decidedly does not write in books?

I agree, and understand, this has always been a tabboo for me, I never highlighted anything or even wrote a check on the side, because I never want to mess with the book's integrity (how neat it looks) or preservation.

It's not much of a big deal, but yeah I detest it, I avoid it at all costs, but I have nothing against one who may do so, it's just my personal taste.
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User Info: sthater

4 years ago#14
Honestly to me it just depends on what sort of book it is and why I bought it. If it's something that I bought cheap for the sole purpose of study and to constantly refer to it then I may well write in a few little notes here and there(I do this a lot with cookbooks actually). But for a nice novel or something that's ornate at all then no way.
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User Info: Rainmaker59

4 years ago#15
I don't write in books.. but I have two exceptions. I have highlighted textbooks, which is marking so falls into the same general category.. And books that have been received as gifts for my children, I have written their names and the sender when the sender has overlooked doing so.
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User Info: kozlo100

4 years ago#16
That's a good point, sthater. It's almost sacrilege not to write in a cookbook.

Textbooks don't count, I feel. They seem like simple information delivery systems and not proper books.
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User Info: Moorish_Idol

4 years ago#17
Strangely, the Bible is the only book I write in. I can't stand other books having marks or underlines or writing in it... but my Bible is full of stuff. Not sure why that is.

User Info: WelshGamer82

4 years ago#18
I don't write in any books, but I can understand why someone might make notes in a reference book (which is what I would class the bible as), so it doesn't really bother. People who fold down corners of pages in a novel though; they should be added to the special hell that Shepherd Book talked about.

User Info: Suibom

4 years ago#19
It really does depend on the book, or even Bible.

My Bible I used throughout college probably doubled in weight due to all the notes and color-coded topical highlighting I did in it. It's the only one I write in besides my pocket NT. I used to have a Bible that every other page was blank for notes/sermons, but I never used it and gave it away.

Study books like concordances, dictionaries, and topical references, I don't. Those notes go into my college Bible.

Self help/leadership/non fiction books I highlight the most important parts so that I can skim through them later after reading them once.

Fiction books... Never. Gasp.... Why, just why?!?
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User Info: chukie_sue

4 years ago#20
I'll write brief notes in one of my Bible's if I feel so inspired, but most books I prefer to leave unadulterated by foreign ink. It's prettier that way.
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