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Doesn't look like Dolan will be the next Pope

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User Info: almasbaby

4 years ago#1
America's hopeful for Pope, Cardinal Dolan, has been deposed over inadequate response to sex scandals that took place under his watch as archbishop of Milwaukee. If his chances were slim before this, they appear non-existent now.

User Info: Faust_8

4 years ago#2
Read topic title.

Thought you were talking about this.
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User Info: FlashOfLight

4 years ago#3
Wow, so much for that.
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User Info: Iamvegito

4 years ago#4
gooby pls
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User Info: SpawnShadow

4 years ago#5
pop bindect pls
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User Info: OrangeWizard

4 years ago#6
From: Faust_8 | #002
Read topic title.

Thought you were talking about this.

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User Info: Wandering__Hero

4 years ago#7
Thats good.

I was doubtful of the prophecy, but I think theirs not doubt Pope Peter Dolan Duck would bring about the end.
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User Info: mystic belmont

mystic belmont
4 years ago#8
For some reason, God prefers an Italian Pope.

What is not weird is that those in the top echelons of the Church prefer an Italian Pope.
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User Info: Burning_WolfX

4 years ago#9
Thank God, I say. He was quite liberal, from what I understand; he would have led the Catholic Church further down the wrong path.

Hopefully his successor will have a desire to reinstate doctrinal and liturgical orthodoxy in his diocese, and the same goes for the new Pope.
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User Info: tvmasterdoodles

4 years ago#10
I ran the numbers on that prophecy and it's off, Benedict was the 101st pope not counting the anti popes, and with them he was the 114th so it really should've happened in 1978. Don't believe me? Check the numbers yourselves:
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