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I love the first homily of Pope Frances I

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User Info: kozlo100

4 years ago#11
Lord_Ichmael posted...
I wonder what that says about God when the wonderful popes who speak for him are more interested in protecting child molesters than the children they molest.

You know, I've thought about that, and I think it's kind of likely that the Pope never had anything to do with that.

I'm not saying he doesn't bear responsibility, as the head of the organization committing these unspeakably evil acts, it is definitely on his head. I just think the Church structure these days is such that the actual cover up decisions would've been made more locally and not bumped up the chain to the point where the Pope would make an active decision.

It just seems likely to me that there's a culture in the Church where local Bishops and Cardinals would consider it distasteful to bother il Papa with such crude matters. Which is, of course much worse, and something a Pope should correct immediately.
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User Info: JonWood007

4 years ago#12
You spelled Francis wrong.

User Info: SpawnShadow

4 years ago#13
Ah, that old standby, "if you're not with us, you're against us".
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User Info: FlashOfLight

4 years ago#14
Earlier, EWTN featured a rare exclusive interview with Pope Francis, while he was still a Cardinal in Argentina.

One of the things he said, was how people today put aside helping poor children, for things like taking care of their pets (mascots), and in purchasing cosmetics. He was saying how today the mentality is, that once money is spent off taking care of one's pet and pampering it, and looking good by spending so much money on beauty products, how later, from the leftovers that remain from that, the rest is given of as morsels to starving kids.

Basically he was saying how people who complain about poverty have their first priorities in taking care of their pets, and buying cosmetics, and then no consideration is taken to use that money instead for poor children.

He said the cosmetic industry is one of the biggest industries in the world, and it all runs on vanity and self-gratification.
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User Info: LastManStanding

4 years ago#15
Love the message and the humility of the man. He speaks without prepared text, letting the Spirit of God speak through him. Very very happy.
Divine Mercy - God Loves you as a sinner.
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User Info: charey

4 years ago#16
LastManStanding posted...
Love the message and the humility of the man. He speaks without prepared text, letting the Spirit of God speak through him. Very very happy.

It was prepared, he's a good speaker if he didn't need notes but there is no way someone a watched as the Pope would give a speech off the cuff. There would be too much risk of either saying something he shouldn't say and look unholy or being unable to think of what to say quick enough and look stupid.

This isn't anything against the Pope but no public speaker would give a speech without having the words ready ahead of time.
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