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A LMS Exp today.

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User Info: LastManStanding

4 years ago#81
rodu posted...
Lord_Ichmael posted...
The name LastManStanding makes it sound like you may have murdered everyone else in the world, you know.

sounds like he's full of pride too

I will interpret this as the last man standing in line at a grocery store. That make it humble. I wish it was more demeaning.
Divine Mercy - God Loves you as a sinner.
Christ Said: Before the Day of Justice, I am sending the Day of Mercy. (Diary 1588) Day of Mercy was declared in 2000

User Info: AdmiralBison

4 years ago#82
OrangeWizard posted...
From: AdmiralBison | #024
You seem more concerned for his game time then the Devine intervention that happened for him.

I am.

Oh we'll.

god is getting less impressive by the day I guess.
If delusions and Illusions are an en-escapable part of our entire lives, why not just pick a positive one?
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