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Is God Good?

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User Info: OrangeWizard

4 years ago#321
From: JonWood007 | #320
I'd rather not waste my time making 2 4000 character posts even longer than they have to be.

Okay. I'll chalk this up as another dropped point.

Prove it.

Objective things, by their very definition, exist whether or not you believe in them.

You're not criticizing ideas based on their merits. You're basing their worth based on "who says" them. Everything with you is a matter of "who says so"?

That's nice, but that didn't answer the question of "how it's an argument from authority to claim that an OMNISCIENT BEING is SMARTER THAN YOU?"

So if you could answer the question I asked, that'd be great.

While that may be true, the "who" isn't really relevant to a moral code's intrinsic worth. What matters if whether it enhances those lives who are subject to it.

That's your opinion.

Seeing how rape is, by definition, not consensual

So which is it, the consequences that matter, or the intent that matters? Someone "not wanting" something to happen is "intent", and I thought you said intent was irrelevant, lest Hitler be morally correct for his good intentions.
Trolling and making valid arguments are not mutually exclusive

User Info: JonWood007

4 years ago#322
Not answering btw. You don't care about my opinion remember? You're more interested in forcing your screwed up "logic" down everyone's throat than actually having a debate.
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