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Do you like Christian Rock?

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User Info: the_hedonist

4 years ago#11
WelshGamer82 posted...
I said "Yes, and I am a Christian", but I didn't realise there was a "A few, and I am a Christian" option before I voted.

I obviously don't think that every Christian Rock song is great or anything.

Same, except I voted "No, and I am a Christian" because I didn't notice the "A few" options. On the whole, I do not like Christian rock, though there are exceptions which I could count on one hand.
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User Info: Moorish_Idol

4 years ago#12
I don't like rock music in general, much less Christian rock. I used to listen to it exclusively growing up (parents wouldn't let me buy anything else) and every artist/song always sounded exactly the same to me.

User Info: TheGreatDebate

4 years ago#13
There's some Christian Rock I like, but Christian Metal is better :D

Groups like Tourniquet, White Heart, Theocracy, Neal Morse, and stuff like that.
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User Info: Iamvegito

4 years ago#14
99% of it has terrible theology, so no.
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User Info: Blue_Dream87

4 years ago#15
Only a couple. Deas Vail (indie) and some Underoath (metalcore). Probably a few more bands, dunno if This Providence is Christian or not.

User Info: QwelzaarKane

4 years ago#16
No, and I am a non-Christian.

I don't listen to much Rock outside of Southern and Punk, but regardless of genre, I can guarantee I won't like any band/artist/etc. that makes <religion> <genre>. That said, I don't mind references and whatnot, but I don't want to listen to 15 tracks about how great Jesus is.

User Info: TheBlackCat13

4 years ago#17
No, and I am a non-Christian.

Although I didn't like it back when I was Christian, either.
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User Info: MJackMagee

4 years ago#18
Beren posted...
Question: Was the Third Day song PC posted "rock" (regardless of whether it was good)--and if not, what was it?

I usually classify them as Christian Contemporary Music (CCM). It is the equivalent of light pop and/or pop-rock. Depending on your taste, check out anything from Tooth & Nail (punk and emo label) or Solid State (much harder stuff). There are also a few signed to secular (read: doesn't exclusively sign Christian bands). Check out Flyleaf.

It also depends on what you mean by "Christian Rock". If you mean a band that essentially does rock versions of praise and worship, Third Day may count. If you mean a rock band made up of (mostly) Christian members, who have a song or three that expresses their faith, then you'll better off judging them as you would any other band. I honestly can't stand that "Christian" is used as a genre. It isn't.
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