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Bernie Goldberg on gay marriage and religion.

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User Info: mercurydude

4 years ago#21
C_Mat posted...
IDK why you think that negates my point.

I thought I had explained it quite thoroughly. You are comparing apples to oranges. It's not like there's a big push in Canada to go back to NOT having gay marriage because it's created major issues there. It hasn't.

btw, DADT and DOMA were signed by a Democrat President and passed with bipartisan support in the House and Senate. Proposition 8 passed by a popular vote of the people of California, one of the most liberal states in the country. Not sure why you think those only came from "anti-gay conservatives."

I am quite aware that Bill Clinton is no saint on the gay rights front, though to be fair, he was trying to eliminate discrimination against gays from the military entirely and was outmaneuvered by an anti-gay Congress. That is a matter of historical fact. I won't defend his actions on DOMA as there is no defense for them, in my view. The point stands that these policies were created by social conservatives, supported by them, and that they fought tooth and nail to keep them in place even after everyone else had moved on. There still haven't been any of these problems that they claimed would be caused by the acceptance of openly gay people into the military. In other words, they're full of it and always have been.

As for Prop 8, it only passed by 2% and that was with the anti-gay crowd pumping in millions of dollars from out of state to flood the airwaves with lies, claiming that everyone would lose their religious liberties if gay marriage were legally recognized in California. And they embarrassed themselves when they tried to defend their position in court. And I didn't see a liberal or moderate among them when they did that... though there was a conservative lawyer on the anti-Prop 8 side helping to fight against their unconstitutional thuggery. Yes, when it came to court, it was the side fighting for marriage equality that had a mixture of political affiliations.

Or it was God's judgment against those nations, which is why they're not around anymore.

Did you even bother to read anything that I said there? All you're giving me is "God wiped them out because of gays!" No acknowledgement of my arguments pointing out the flaws in your reasoning, no evidence for your outlandish assumption, nothing. Not to mention that it takes a profoundly immature and bigoted mindset to believe that there's a god who makes it a point to wipe out a nation if people of the same sex have a roll in the hay, but decides to sit on his ass while things like the Trail of Tears, the holocaust, the Killing Fields, and the Armenian and Rwandan genocides take place.
"It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself."
- Thomas Jefferson, writing on the subject of religion
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