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Why do atheists seem to base their identity on being superior to Christians?

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User Info: Moorish_Idol

4 years ago#31
Ozy nooooo

User Info: bratt100

4 years ago#32
It depends on the situation. I'd say that if you follow the bible to the letter then I am morally superior to you. If you believe in magic and creationism then I am intellectually superior in some instances and if you treat woman how it says to treat them in the bible then well...I really am superior.

If you get passed the nonsense, bigotry and sexism then I have nothing over you. We would then be equals...till then I'll continue holding myself to a higher standard and look down on you when you act on your bigotry.

Most religious people aren't like this and I feel no need to hold myself above them...if you are though then you need to start climbing and join the rest of the civilized world.

User Info: C_Mat

4 years ago#33
Faust_8 posted...
Maybe you only think this because the only self-admitted atheists that you know are the ones on the board who actively reject religious dogma.

You never know of atheists that just go about their day because if that's the case, you don't know if they're atheist, Nazi, or Hindu. You only know atheists that make themselves known discussing religion.

Just because I have opinions on religion doesn't mean I define myself by them. This board is not my life, and I don't really discuss religion anywhere else. You only see me (and many other atheists) when we ARE being against Christianity, not when we aren't, and that makes you think that's all we are.

If you were addressing me, maybe you should have noticed that atheists on this board are only one of the three categories of people that I mentioned.

User Info: _Rasl3rX_

4 years ago#34
Sir Will posted...

Love it.

I seriously met that Leo Igwe guy halfway through the image last Sunday. He kept telling us all these stories about the witchcamps in Africa... if your child is born with down syndrome or some other defection, witchcamps sanctioned by the Catholic Church and I think he said the Prysbterian Church too imprison your child; they pretty much assume all these defections are payments made because you made a pact with Satan. I'd go on and talk about what he saids happens at these camps, but I think it's a bit too vulgar for GameFAQs.
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  3. Why do atheists seem to base their identity on being superior to Christians?

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