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Sam Harris gives atheists a good analogy as to what the religious feel like...

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User Info: legendoftom

4 years ago#21
Meh, the analogy is pretty weak, as others have already said, religious people feel the stats are on their side.

Also, I disagree that emotions and traditions are inherently bad. Many times traditions do have a (usually well-hidden) benefit, which is why they become traditions.
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User Info: Faust_8

4 years ago#22
inferiorweasel posted...
Faust_8 posted...
Polish_Crusader posted...
Why do you have to argue with religious people? Why cant you be content with what you believe and who you are?

It sounds like atheists who act like this or believe this have something empty that they are trying to fulfill and prove to world about something.

I dont have to argue with anybody about what i believe. If you have a question about my beliefs, then i have an answer.

If your religion never affected me or other people in negative ways, I'd agree with you.

But you don't know what his religion is. You just proved his point by saying his religion affects you in a negative way, yet you don't even know what he believes. So your ignorance is showing how daft your opinion on the subject is. You judge ALL religion by your so called experience, and so you deem ALL religion as negative, yet I can bet there are a bunch of religions you have never come into contact with.

Unless a Fu Long has actually had a negative effect on you, but I doubt you even know what they are. Let alone know their effect or lack there of on your life.

You must be new here.

We all know Polish's religion. Often his only "arguments" are stating what his beliefs are. I'm intimately aware with what he believes.

And why the blue blazes does "your religion affects me negatively" translate to "ALL religion is ALWAYS negative" to you, save some righteous knee-jerk reaction? My words never implied what you think they do. Cars affect me in negative ways, that doesn't mean I'm against all cars all the time.

For a guy I've never seen before telling me I don't know something I (and the entire board) already know, you're sure accusing me of assuming things based on a helluva lot of assumptions yourself.
In the age of information, ignorance is a choice.

User Info: Julian_Caesar

4 years ago#23
Faust_8 posted...
I think the point of this is no one is ever or can ever truly be ruled by nothing more than logic and intellect. We can train ourselves to use reason in some areas but not in everything.

All we can do is try to use reason for important social issues but even then we're probably not going to succeed fully. Even if we do, though, there are still personal issues that must be emotion-based. (Do we ever decide on who to marry with logic and reason?)

Agreed. And your point about marriage brings out a very interesting dichotomy in the way we view religions, as in "social construct" vs. "personal relationship." That is to say, we are usually OK with people using emotion/non-reason in personal relationships, less so with social constructs. So in a way, much of what we think about choosing religions/worldviews depends on whether we see it as a personal relationship or a social construct, rather than any actual evidence for/against its truth (since our pre-existing "category" determines how we judge it, just as we categorize other things and judge them).
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  3. Sam Harris gives atheists a good analogy as to what the religious feel like...

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