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What's the reasoning Christians have for homosexuality being a sin?

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User Info: DarkContractor

4 years ago#91
SirThinkALot posted...
DarkContractor posted...
Polish_Crusader posted...
1 Corinthians 6:9-10

what if these people were having gay sex outside of marriage. since gays couldnt get married at the time by default their sex was premarital thus sinful

Leviticus 18:22

You're not supposed to lay with a man as you would a woman. Gay people don't lay with women. this law would be telling a gay guy, "Hey, you know that woman you're not interested in having sex with? Hey, don't lay with men as you do her, actually go do something with men!" It's about not swapping out the partner God has in mind with you!

Romans 1: 18-28

Same thing, these people gave up their natural desires for homosexuality. But homosexuals natural desires are homosexual, they don't have to swap them out because they are God given!!!!

anybody have evidence that homosexuality is a sin?

The problem with both of these interpretations is that it assumes that the people who wrote those works had the same conception of 'gay' and 'straight' as separate categories of people that we have today. When, for the most part they didnt. That idea comes primarily from the 19th century. In fact it was invented largely out of whole cloth by Karl Heinrich Ulrichs based on his own experiences(and even he admitted that it didnt reflect the experience of every man who preferred sex with other men), and was later picked up by Magnus Hirschfield, who first coined the term 'homosexual.'

Prior to that, who a person preferred to sleep with was seen as just that: a preference. Just as we dont see people preference for chocolate or vanilla ice cream as separate categories of people.

this was inspired by God though who knew the truth of homosexual desires - My blog.

User Info: 2ndSamurai

4 years ago#92
CorporateKnight posted...
2ndSamurai posted...
homosexuality is not a sin in Judaism.

Wrong. "Traditionally, Judaism has understood homosexual intercourse as contrary to Judaism, and this opinion is still maintained by Orthodox Judaism." > The same as: "Traditionally, Christianity has understood homosexual intercourse as contrary to Christianity, and this opinion is still maintained by "Apostolic" Christianity."

Just because Reconstructionist and Reform Judaism accept it doesn't mean Judaism accepts it. > The same way as: Just because Anglicans and Protestants accept it doesn't mean Christianity accepts it.

Homosexual intercourse is not being a homosexual. If being a homosexual was a sin then WANTING to steal is also a sin. WANTING to steal is not a sin.

So, no sir. You're wrong. And I don't consider reform and recontructional as being Jewish.
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User Info: Julian_Caesar

4 years ago#93
GuideToTheDark posted...
@Caesar: Really hard not to make crude jokes with a post like that.

That's kinda my point, yeah.
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