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Today is Mister Rodger's Birthday

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User Info: Eastsideslinger

3 years ago#1
So what exactly does this have to do with Religion? Oddly enough a man like Fred Phelps passes on on this day but other than that I believe Mister Rodgers is the sort of role model and example and exemplar Christian (he was a Presbyterian minister) that anyone, regardless of their personal beliefs, could get behind.
"That's Mushy Snugglebites' badonkadonk. She's my main squeeze. Lady's got a gut fulla' dynamite and a booty like POOOW!" - Tiny Tina

User Info: C_Mat

3 years ago#2
That video made me happy and feel emotions and stuff.

User Info: Hustle Kong

Hustle Kong
3 years ago#3
This isn’t apparent in all my actions, because I’m kind of terrible at everything, but I kind of try to live as as if I would have to defend my actions to to my grandmother and Mr. Rogers.

He’s one of the few people I get offended about when people make “jokes” about.
Shooting Game never die.
It prays that the clover of luck be always in your mind.

User Info: CoyoteTheGreat

3 years ago#4
Mr. Rogers was all sorts of awesome. Americans idolize all sorts of crap "heroes", but when I think of heroes, I think of Mr. Rogers first and foremost. That's a real hero whose work created a better America.
Disobedience is the stamp of the hero. -Ragnar Redbeard
Also, this is Kagata.

User Info: OzymandiasIV

3 years ago#5
His Lifetime Achievement Award speech:

It makes me sad he doesn't have a national holiday.
Sucking at something is the first step to becoming sort of good at something.

User Info: Jigglysaint

3 years ago#6
Somebody uploaded the clip of Mr Rogers eating a banana with a cheese slice wrapped around it. Mr. Rogers was awesome!

User Info: Faust_8

3 years ago#7
It saddens me that Mr. Rogers is one of the only Christ-like people that I've heard of.

For every Mr. Rogers, there's 30 million Polish Crusaders.
"It's hard to reason people out of positions they didn't reason themselves into."

User Info: KNessJM

3 years ago#8
Ahh Mr. Rodgers. My old childhood friend. Possibly the only guy in the world that could invite children into his home, where he lived alone, start getting undressed while singing a song, and it's totally on the level.
Quote of the Week: "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't prove that anything is real."

User Info: Hustle Kong

Hustle Kong
3 years ago#9
That’s toeing the line, Kness... *cracks knuckles*
Shooting Game never die.
It prays that the clover of luck be always in your mind.

User Info: WelshGamer82

3 years ago#10
I apologise for this, but... who are you all talking about?
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