The Burger Debate: Medium Rare vs. Well Done Patty

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User Info: iPr0kkaFTW

5 years ago#1

Medium Rare Patty: Very juicy with a red looking center
Medium: Juicy with a pink looking center
Medium Well Patty: Quite juicy with some pink looking center
Well Done Patty: Dried up with little or no juice and completely browned out

There's nothing like a perfect burger when the patty is nice and juicy with a warm red or pink looking center BUT WAIT A SECOND it's uncooked and raw according to my concerning mother (and other relatives/friends). The patty should be completely cooked throughout the center until there's no redness or pinkness! It should be well done (or simply overcooked, dried up with little or no juice) because medium rare is bad for you and not fully cooked... UGH!

A couple of weeks ago I've made burgers. Before I cooked them, I had to ask around if they wanted it medium rare (or medium well) or well done. A lot of them have never eaten medium rare meat but some of them wanted to try it out. Still they were concerned about medium rare when I was started cooking the patties on the grill and a few of them suddenly changed their mind and wanted it well done. In the end I had more well done (or should I say overcooked) patties than medium rare. Looking at a small handful of juicy looking thick patties on one side and the other are a bunch of dried up somewhat shrink patties.

I was quite disappointed but I was immediately enlightened when the folks that wanted it medium rare/well started to eat their burger. They absolutely loved it! It was their first time eating a medium done patty. My cousin said it was very juicy and delicious! My other cousin who wuss out a medium done patty decided to try one after eating a well done and he fell in love with it.

A lot of people are concerned about medium done meat because it contains bacteria, it is unhealthy and what they have been told before about it. Truth is people, MEDIUM RARE, MEDIUM AND MEDIUM WELL IS THE WAY TO GO if you're cooking burger patties. I honestly do not understand why people want a dried up overcooked patty rather than a delicious juicy patty. I believe most burger joints I have eaten at cook their patties medium rare or mostly medium well. McDonald's in the other hand cook their patties well done which may be a reason why people are hesitant to try out medium done patties. Of course, any perfect burger patty must be seasoned well!

So how do you like your burger patty and why do you prefer it?

User Info: GreenCoffee

5 years ago#2
I have no problem eating a medium rare/rare-ish burger. Is it more dangerous? Sure. I've survived this long and I'm willing to keep playing the odds. If I end up spending one day on the toilet over the course of a lifetime due to eating an underdone burger, I'll call it a fair trade.

User Info: tomandsam

5 years ago#3
If I'm eating at a random Burger place (a respectable one, not McDonald's, etc.) I'll get a Medium burger. Medium rare if I cooked it myself. I'll never eat a well done burger. My parents raised me on eating well done meats, and I always hated beef because of that. Not until I discovered non-leathered meat did I start liking beef.

My parents will never eat any meat with pink in it. Neither did my grand-parents. I still remember a conversation I had with my grandma. She was complaining that some cut of steak she had at a restaurant was too tough. I told her it was because she ordered it well done, but she disagreed, saying that meat gets more tender as it gets cooked more. Everyone in my family looked at me like I was an idiot for disagreeing with that.
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DumpsterMcNuggets 5 years ago#4
I've been starting to go below medium well, and order burgers medium as of the last year. Once I tried ordering it medium rare, and I have to say I really liked eating it that way! I have to say I feel sad I never tried doing that, earlier in my life. I'm finally at the point of preferring burgers cooked medium/medium rare, which is definitely nice, considering that there's no doubt I was missing out on enjoying my burgers more.

And ewww, when it comes to the thought of a McDonald's burger. I wouldn't be surprised, if I never again ordered a regular burger there. I might make an exception for the Angus Third Pounder burgers(but I'm in no rush to try them), to see what they're like. But I certainly as heck don't expect them to be better than equivalent angus beef burgers at either BK or Hardee's.
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User Info: __Vyse_

5 years ago#5
steaks i agree, but you can still have a great juicy burger that's pretty well done if you do it right. not how i'd prefer it, but certainly possible.
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User Info: Golden Road

Golden Road
5 years ago#6
I honestly do not understand why people want a dried up overcooked patty rather than a delicious juicy patty.

That's inevitably going to happen if someone's burger was originally intended as a medium rare burger. A well done burger can still be delicious and juicy: it just needs to be cooked at a lower heat. If a well done burger is all dried up, there's a good chance it was probably cooked at too high a heat.
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User Info: USMC_Gyrene

5 years ago#7
Store bought ground I do well done
Self ground I do medium well
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User Info: kozlo100

5 years ago#8
You ask me, medium is a nice happy spot for a burger. I'll occasionally eat mine medium rare, or even straight up rare, but there's something to be said for a well-done burger as well. It's not always about the juice with a burger.

Medium rare is also fully cooked and perfectly safe if you've done it right. It's just right on the edge of technically safe, so there's a greater chance that you didn't get it all the way up to temp.

That said, folks worry too much. Heck, as long as it's not bargain bin beef, I'll go ahead and make a tartare out of it, and the food safety mongers can just deal with it.
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5 years ago#9
Medium rare is the only way I like it.
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User Info: HadoukenFreeze

5 years ago#10
Medium rare for a burger is fine AS LONG AS it's cooked up to a temperature that kills the bacteria (around 160 F I think?)
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