Human Centipede 3 and 4

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User Info: DoomsDave64

5 years ago#11
From: SonofMetalGear | #004
Oh I know I am funny. You guys just suck

Being funny and being funny looking are two separate things.
"Let he who is without sin kick the first ass"--Jesus Christ

User Info: MarcHalberstram

5 years ago#12
What is with this guy?
I work at Pierce & Pierce and I'm currently handling the Fisher account.

User Info: foggiecbc

5 years ago#13
Typical SonofMetalGear topic.
Solidus9 wrote
"Why would he have a dogtag of his own name?"

User Info: DanteHicks37

5 years ago#14
Well, the dude's in purgatory right now, so lets all enjoy the vacation.

On subject, I was surprised to see that Human Centipede 2 pulled a Blair Witch Project 2 where the sequel has the first one existing as a movie. Both of them are on Netflix instant, so I'll probably end up watching both of them for the hell of it. How are the going to handle the third one?
--Not even supposed to be here today.--

User Info: Badman76

5 years ago#15
I wondered why i haven't seen him for a while!
How come his account is purgatory? Just because of a aprils fool joke?
[DIE] clan-'If you see us, its already to late.'

User Info: DanteHicks37

5 years ago#16
It wasn't an April Fools joke, he was just doing some hardcore meltdown trolling when Brain Hammer put him on the ignore list.
--Not even supposed to be here today.--

User Info: Xipe-Totec

5 years ago#17
I didn't know part two was on instant Netflix. Gonna have to watch it later.
Like a corpse in a shallow grave, corruption rises to the surface...

User Info: Cory898

5 years ago#18
Purgatory isn't good enough. The level of harassment he was employing should have gotten him banned, though he swore if that happened he'd just come back under a new name. Whether it kept him away for good or not, it would have been satisfying to see a final end to the SonofMetalGear name.
Formerly Sortagacktfan to any who would recognize me by that username.

User Info: JBirdman13

5 years ago#19
He's been banned like three times and according to what he said on a different site, he even apparently went to his local library in order to register a new account which I'm assuming is his new one
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