I always have dreams about...

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User Info: xHFx

6 years ago#1
...driving a car. I mean, I can drive in person and I got my license but I rarely ever do because I got no insurance at the moment. Every time, in my dreams, it's like I'm completely new to driving a car... and it's one of those dreams where I'm always hitting stuff (but still living).

And I always have dreams of talking to the pretty and cute girls at my school, but that's probably because in person, I'm shy (an excuse for lacking confidence, I know) and I'm really not good at starting conversation or keeping them. Or thinking of random stuff to talk about that they'd be cool with. You know, at a school setting... A lot of advice given seems quite absurd, like asking all these questions and stuff...

Just doesn't seem like it'd happen in a real life situation but more in a drama show. Well, at school... not a party.

User Info: friendlydude

6 years ago#2
It would seem you have a desire to be the coolest kid in school, with the cars and the girls. My car dreams usually involve me going downhill at lightning speed and the brakes suddenly fail, so it quickly turns into a very terrifying experience!
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