Your weirdest/most surreal dream?

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User Info: friendlydude

6 years ago#22
I had a REALLY creepy one last night. Incredibly short, but that's all it needed to be!

I was in my swimming pool when I see a black shadow forming on the ground and moving like a stingray except... there was no stingray- just a shadow.

I gave it a second look because I couldn't believe my eyes. Through the ripples in the water, I waited for them to stop moving so I could witness a clear image of a shadow about 6 feet wide crawling around on the bottom of the pool and gradually crawl its way to the sides... when I woke up.

Scared me good!

User Info: kingdrake2

6 years ago#23
probably around the age of 5-6 i had dream where i was inside my bedroom with brother. he jumped and hit the light switch. we open the door and there is duplicates of both of us staring at each other. it progressed to carrying one of the duplicates and tossing him into the toilet. then a giant swirling poo comes out of toilet. i immediately run to the door and close it. running down the steps. all i can remember. it was pretty real. "it didnt happen in rl".
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User Info: friendlydude

6 years ago#24
This one is awesome.

I was in some small room and waiting in line. I look behind me and notice that my aunt, uncle and cousin (their son) were waiting in line but none of them realized I was there.

I decide to play a trick on my aunt to see if she'd recognize me by putting on huge sunglasses, walking up to her and asking if she knows who I am.

She looks at me like I'm a stranger, and says "No... I don't believe I do". I then take off the glasses and say "It's me!" and she smiles and goes "Oh!!"

After that, she handed me some peanut butter and chocolate cupcakes. I remember they were extremely moist.

User Info: AtomicMenace

6 years ago#25
Oh boy here we go. In this dream I remember being a young kid, wearing tattered, brown, bland clothes.

As far as I can remember, the dream started with me being in a completely cold, dead concrete room with no entrances or exists. The room was like a perfect concrete cube. The only things of interest in this room were a very uncomfortable-looking bed placed directly in the center with ragged sheets, also on a concrete frame, same dull grey as the rest of the room and there was also next to one of the walls one of those floor vents you would find in some houses.

As I sat on the hard bed, suddenly I heard murmuring and whispering pouring from the only place it could - the floor vent. I walked over to it and laid on the ground, putting my ear to it. As I listened I could hear at least five or six children speaking in hushed tones. I called out to them asking them who they were and where I was. They told me that they didn't know where we were but that they had all been communicating from similar-looking rooms via the same ventilation system fixed into the floor. I asked if their rooms had an possible exits and they returned with somber answers of "no - nothing".

At this point the dream felt like I had been there for around a week. This is one of only two dreams I've ever had that felt as though I was trapped within it for a much longer duration than is normally felt in dreams. The length of time stretched into an overwhelming feeling of dread/restlessness/boredom. It was more or less a form of hell.

So we would speak and communicate through these vents in the floor continuously over a long period of unspecified time. Over time however, some of the kids began disappearing - suddenly refusing to answer or reply with any response. The rest of us grew more stressed and fearful until finally it was just one other kid and me.

We were talking and wondering, shooting theories back and forth, about where we thought the others had gone, for we had both been asleep when we figured something happened to them. In the midst of this talking, suddenly I heard a loud gasp and scream come from the vent. My eyes were huge and my heart rate was going crazy as I listened to something happening to my last friend. He started screaming "THEY ARE HERE! THEY'RE IN THE ROOM!!! THEY ARE COMING FOR YOU NOW!!!!!" I freaked out and ran to the only place I could - under my bed.

Tugging the sheets down to hide any part of my body and tucking my legs in super tight to make sure I wasn't hanging out from under the bed in any direction, I suddenly heard boots/feet stepping all around me. Slowly I peeked out from my hiding spot and saw three individuals' feet and legs standing in the room with me. Still no sign of how they entered the room or anything - all the walls were still the same and there didn't appear to be any hidden doors of any kind.

Suddenly the three people began to speak to one another in a very distinct and uninterpretable, at least to me, language. It sounded slightly familiar to me in my dream but I couldn't quite place it. All I know is that it sent chills down my spine. I scooted my face closer to the edge of the bed and looked out and noticed a good look of their black boots. My view shifted from their feet up their body until I noticed it. Suddenly I knew who I was and where I was, and the dream became even more horrifying than anything I'd dreamed before it. Nazi Swastika arm bands were adorned on all their arms. I was a kidnapped Jewish youth and we were being experimented on.

Suddenly all their legs and feet faced towards me at once, followed with a mighty yell from all three. Their feet started running at the bed and right when I saw a darkly-colored glove slip under the sheet - I woke up. Drenched in sweat unlike any time before or ever again.

I've got goosebumps just thinking about it.

User Info: friendlydude

6 years ago#26
^ WOW! That would be a perfect storyline for a film. That's some intense dreaming there.

I've been having dreams lately that combine Metroid with the Silent Hill series.

The first dream was more interesting than the second one I want to share.

I was given an option to enter the good hospital or the bad hospital. I choose the good one and notice all the nurses, doctors and patients are walking around normally. Then I enter the bad hospital...

Everyone was very very quiet, and people were sitting around looking at me. There was a cello or violin playing in the background for some reason. It was playing in an eerie tone, not a happy tone.

I take the second floor and everything is still the same. On the second floor I see a woman behind the counter starring at me and wondering why I'm not asking her any questions.

I go back down the elevator to the first floor, find an exit door and... upon entering it, it leads me to my 2nd grade gymnasium! WOW, haha. I can't explain why something 20 years ago is entering my dreams!

I was only there for a brief moment because the next exit door takes me to somewhere outside in a desert at nighttime, with stars everywhere.

I keep running assuming I'll find Samus from Metroid and her spaceship, and as I'm running the people from the bad hospital have gathered around and started crowding me in, preventing me from being able to keep walking. Then I wake up.

The second dream was just a simple adventure. I'm in these frozen caves (Metroid Prime it would appear) and at the very top of the cave I notice a spider ball track that can take me to another room.

I take the spider track to a puzzle room that contains blood packs (a Silent Hill item). In the dream the blood packs were like health items, and I remember the number 7. I completed the puzzle and took 7 of them. That's all I can remember now, though I believe something involving Spyro the Dragon's colorful gems entered the mix at one point.

User Info: friendlydude

6 years ago#27
Now THIS dream has me completely terrified!

I was sitting at the dining room table and one chair over I see my mom looking away from me, facing the doorway in the living room.

Suddenly she turns around and looks directly at me. She then brings her face right up to mine and says "ahhhhhhhhhh" in a deep, growling voice.

I then realize she infected me in some way, and without even realizing it, I turn to the person next to me and go "ahhhhhhhhhh" and infect THAT person.

I then wake up. Man that completely startled me, seriously.

User Info: ytrewq234

6 years ago#28
What, no one commented on mine about Wigglytuff giving me a rape face in the basement?
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User Info: friendlydude

6 years ago#29
Your dreams are extremely adventurous! They cover a lot of different things put together in one dream and are quite unique.

User Info: friendlydude

6 years ago#30
This dream was absolutely terrible!

I was running down a long series of stairs with my dad's girlfriend. We were running extremely fast.

My dad's girlfriend made a bad turn and fell down one of the sets of stairs (about 20 stairs) and cracked her head on the wall.

I got scared and immediately ran back up the stairs to get help. I can't remember how I got help exactly- I either found a phone and called for emergency or someone was there to help.

Anyway, I get back and notice she's still laying on the ground and not moving at all. All of a sudden she jumps up and I say "Whoa, thank goodness! You slipped and fell" She immediately disagrees and says "No, you PUSHED me down the stairs! When the cops get here I'm telling them what you did!"

Then I get really frustrated and angry but wake up soon after.
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