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User Info: perrywinkle97

5 years ago#1
Last night, I dreamt that Morgan Freeman had his own website. It was a "jobs" website, and he promised that he would give you "any job you wanted in any industry", but first, you had to buy his footwear (for $108 + shipping)that you had to use on the job he got you. The problem was that he only had 2 types of shoes. For women, he had a Victorian boot that laced to the knee. For men, he only had suede cowboy boot, size 8, with unusally large heels, that he said was "excellent for sliding down handrails on". In the dream, I did not buy any footwear.

How sad is it that Morgan Freeman now has to narrate my dreams? I almost expected to hear "To this day, I had no idea what those 2 Italian women were dreaming about...I'd like to think that it was something so beautiful. that it required an SMS message and a secured server with hyper text links and streaming data...."

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