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What elements do you think make an ending bittersweet?PK_Spam63/26 4:01PM
MLB The Show: Essay on it and baseball and how none/all of it mattersIdeosinkrasee13/22 9:10AM
Made a video from 150 days of drawing.._Goggalor_23/21 5:59PM
What's the best way to handle side stories you write within your main universe?ArgentumVir23/15 6:09PM
I'm have a concept for a comic. It's called Geo.DBZAOTA48223/15 6:00PM
Looking to write a weekly E-Novel, any tips?UltraMarcus13/11 6:56AM
How much writing should a person do per day?
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
DK9292323/4 6:41PM
Doing a story on a foreign legion. Need ideasDuchamp62/28 8:12PM
Creative writing on FF6Ideosinkrasee12/22 8:35AM
Do you need to be a masochist to enjoy "good" writing?NeoSioType62/21 8:50PM
Would anybody like to read some fanfics I wrote?PlantApe12/21 12:38PM
Is there a "line" that your villains should not cross?mninp32/19 10:17PM
L Ron Hubbard biographySMEDIA22/9 7:28PM
Questions about Narrative PoetryBestInScience31/9 6:00AM
Essay on video games. And speed dating.Ideosinkrasee112/28 6:14PM
Fan Fiction <<videoGames/ characters /worlds>>Trixter212/18 4:26PM
How do you guys feel about using real people as a base for characters?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
ArgentumVir2012/14 2:27PM
Essay on Streets of RageIdeosinkrasee212/14 7:52AM
Any feedback on my short story?GirTheRobot412/11 1:48PM
So, my story final boss is a mass of human ideas and thoughts. Is it defeatable?thompsontalker71012/5 7:51PM
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