How to install the patch?

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User Info: thefoofooshow

8 years ago#1
Hi, I've read through almost all of the posts on the board, and I'm unable to find exactly how to install the patch. I've downloaded the patch, have it in my dagger folder, etc.

The game is installed and it runs with little problem (outside of the patching related issues) in DOSBox.

So, my question is how exactly do I install the patch? I dbl-clicked on the exe file, and the window comes up and looks like it runs, asks me a few things, all of which I click Y on, and then it tells me to enter CD. I have tried having the CD in both CD-ROMS and it won't recognize it. There must be some way for me to tell it to look at the dagger folder itself right?

Anyway, any help you can give me would be most appreciative! Trying to get this to work for my husband, who's reached a point in his existing game that it's no longer working without the patch.

Thank you!!!!

User Info: Jormungandr83

8 years ago#2
All you have to do is run the patch inside DOSbox, just like you do the game. If it needs to access the CD (which I didn't remember being necessary), you'll have to mount the cd drive first, like this:

mount d d:\ -t cdrom

After that, assuming you mount the harddrive as usual, it's just a matter of:

cd dagger

That will patch it all up, and you'll be good to go!

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