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User Info: youaresleeping

8 years ago#1

Can anyone recommend some similar games? - other than the ones already listed in the left hand side of the page.

I really liked this game and I'm hoping to find other adventure games that are as funny (other than monkey island series & grim fandango).

Many thanks

PS: I also really liked the Broken Sword series and Gabriel Knight Sins of the Fathers.

User Info: Pako Pako

Pako Pako
8 years ago#2
Left side of the page?
Is this a Gamespot-only feature?

Have you tried the "Indiana Jones" games?
"King's Quest I-VII"? (Fans have remade the first two games with updated graphics and controls and for free!)
"Sam & Max" (this is a long line of games)

"Tex Murphy" adventures? (Specifically "Martian Memorandum" -- though it takes itself rather seriously)

How about "Psychonauts" on the XBOX? Different kind of game, but made by the same crew as the Monkey Island games.
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User Info: youaresleeping

8 years ago#3

Thx for the reply.

I'll be sure to check out King's Quest and the Tex Murphy ones.

I only got the 1st episode of Sam&Max but I didn't like it.


User Info: Pako Pako

Pako Pako
8 years ago#4
Oh and a few more popped into my mind:

Maniac Mansion (fairly old, probably freeware by now; came out on a LOT of consoles)

Day of the Tentacle (sequel to MM)

Runaways (two games in the series; heralded as great but short)

Leisure Suit Larry (mixed bag, adult situations, from the same company as King's Quest for some reason)

I dunno of the Discworld games hit the PC, but they were point-n-click games on the Playstation. (And Wily Beemish was a similar game on the Sega CD.)
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User Info: Pako Pako

Pako Pako
8 years ago#5
Ah crap, and how can I forget Grim Fandango. Read the reviews on GameFAQs; highly recommended.
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User Info: Njolin

8 years ago#6
I gotta recommend the Discworld games, though they may be a little hard to find/install these days.

User Info: Fandango_Letho

8 years ago#7
A Vampyre Story. Best point and click in years. Enough said.

User Info: HyperFlow

8 years ago#8
Sam & Max Hit The Road
Day of the Tentacle
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User Info: Ershinsama

8 years ago#9
Simon the Sorcerer games are entertaining. The world map can be somewhat convoluted though, so I tend to draw them out on paper.
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User Info: Terrd

8 years ago#10
Hm, I'd have thought Space Quest would have been top of the page, Roger and Guybrush have so much in common. At least no one has lied to you and said 'Jack Keane' that game turned out to be a pile.. then again any game claiming to be 'Monkey Island done right, at last' is destined to suck bad.

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