Non-fp, multiplayer games on steam?

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User Info: matt020388

6 years ago#1
I have a group of friends who like to game after work, and one can't play first person for periods of time for some reason. So we play games like Civ V and Magika on steam. And there's a good site called brettspielwelt for boardgames.

My question is, are there any other good online multiplayer games on steam that are not first person that we should look at trying? Hopefully something that's somewhat co-operative, but stuff like Starcraft is good too.
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User Info: BastardMimiga

6 years ago#2
Check out Magicka. I only played the demo, but it's pretty popular aparently.

If your friend that can't play FPS for a long interval has motion sickness, tell him to keep pushing it. He will adapt eventually. It can also be lessened by doing some stuff like changing field of view, colors...

User Info: arleas

6 years ago#3

From: matt020388 | #001
So we play games like Civ V and Magika

From: BastardMimiga | #002
Check out Magicka on steam.

I think he already has :P

Anyway... you might look at Terraria... I haven't played it though, but the videos look like it might be fun for co-op.

As for FPS motion sickness, it helps if you sit farther away from the screen and occasionally look away... The only times I ever come close to feeling motion sickness is if I'm playing on a screen that encompasses my entire field of view.

I think Trine might have a Co-op mode, but it might not be good for a group of friends...Borderlands would be perfect except for your motion sickness friend...if you like RTS maybe Supreme commander 2 might be fun?

If you want something a little less action oriented that's first person and multiplayer you could try Minecraft, but that's not on steam.

User Info: bassdeluxe27

6 years ago#4
Tagging for interest (and because I'm a part of this after-work group)

Edit: In retrospect, this was unnecessary, now that we have a "Track Topic" button. Lol.
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User Info: BastardMimiga

6 years ago#5
My bad, I literally skiped after Civ V as if it was a subtitle lol.

There's also Alien Swarm, up to 4 players, but I remember it was pretty buggy, though it's free.

If you guys are into rts like games, it's not on steam, but a different service, Sins of a Solar Empire features some epic (long) wars, or short, depending on maps. With flexible party sides. Demigod, IIRC, by the same company is an arena like rts thing (I'm not well versed in this genre).

Personally, I think it's best if you guys stick to FPSs and those from Valve: L4D series and TF2. The friend which has motion sickness, could also play a different style. For example, in L4D2 he could stick to long ranged weapons and be a sniper/support. That's actually how play L4D2 in a "tactical" fashion, since I like carefully placed, 1-hit shots and am not stupid to run into a crowd with pistols on an open space >___> and my teammates never get caught for too long before I land a bullet in the zombies that are holding them from across the other side of the map, making me an epic savior (/braging). The thing is, with the good sound of the game, I know when to turn to kill what's occasionaly around me, and since I make less noise I am less bothered by zombies, which means I am not constantly looking left and right, which is the best way to get motion sickness. imo.
bloodhawks return 6 years ago#6
Worms Reloaded is some good fun!
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User Info: NotPutnam

6 years ago#7
bassdeluxe27 posted...
Tagging for interest (and because I'm a part of this after-work group)

Edit: In retrospect, this was unnecessary, now that we have a "Track Topic" button. Lol.

We've had that button for years.

User Info: TheCoolestFool

6 years ago#8
You could always try alien swarm and worms reloaded.
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User Info: arleas

6 years ago#9
Yeah, Alien Swarm is great with friends, Worms Reloaded is....well... worms... if you've ever played a worms game in the past, it's instantly familiar.

It's a shame you're against FPS games, since there's "Bloody Good Time" which is almost more of a party game than an FPS... it's not a straightforward "go kill anything that moves" game... There's a game mode where you have to hunt down a particular person and kill them... except: 1) you can't do it in front of guards 2) you actually have to worry about eating, sleeping and going to the bathroom during all of this and 3) someone else will be trying to kill you (and if they catch you sleeping that's an instant kill).

In a way it's like a first person "spy vs spy" game...if you remember those. It doesn't move so fast that you'll be needing a bucket next to the computer to puke in, and it's still pretty fun..

AI War is great if you like really deep strategy games....and I believe the nice thing about it is that you can drop in and out of games so there's no need to have you there for the whole thing if you can't stay... you could drop in, help out for a while and then leave without disrupting the game.

Monday Night Combat is a 3rd person shooter... but if your friend gets really dizzy in First person he may be just as bad with fast paced third person games...

That's about it... I don't have any experience with any other games so i don't know.
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