Lost my CD Key....

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User Info: Gamefreek811

7 years ago#1

A couple of weeks back I got a new computer and had to install Halo CE onto it and realized in the process that I had lost the case with the CD Key on it. Now I have a friend that plays halo and want to play together, And I was wondering if there was anyone out that doesnt play their Halo game anymore and could be kind enough to send theirs to me in a Private Message. Is there anyone that can do this for me?

User Info: my_name_is_Ed

7 years ago#2
Do you still have your old computer? Does it still have Halo on it?

If so, get onto your old computer, and go to halomaps.org and search for a program that will retrieve your CD from you computer (so long as Halo is still installed on your computer).

I don't remember the name of the program, but I'd imagine that all you need to do is search "CD key" in the search engine of the site
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User Info: cheatingdude

7 years ago#3
It's all in there.
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User Info: arbiterchief24

7 years ago#4
well u should try getting a keygen. here is a website for a halo keygen:

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