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User Info: JM97

4 years ago#1
Hey everyone,

I'm not new to the game, I'm actually a veteran but I'm new to this board. I would like to introduce myself as Cyrax. If you look in my signature you will see my YouTube channel in which I'm starting to record game-plays and commentaries for Halo CE daily. I'm a pretty skilled player, I'm a solid sniper and pistol user. My true passion is shotguns though. Today I went 120-5 on Longest during one of those 24/7 servers until I got bored. There were also 16 people in that lobby. Well in general I'm new here and the leader of the [OS] clan, in which stands for Outstanding Shooters. I'm the only one in it considering I just started it recently and I'm looking for members. I know this board is dead and you probably won't see this post for a while but the game isn't dead. I'm online everyday and getting good. If you would like to join the clan please put your online name with the tag here so I can see what it looks like. My main communication is on Skype. If you have a Skype account please add me @redjm97 so I can message you and such.

Until then, Cyrax is out! See you on the battlefield.
Cyrax [MG] for Wii U and Cyrax [OS] for Halo CE

User Info: Zeskii

4 years ago#2
CE as in Custom Edition or CE as in Combat Evolved?

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The quote that's popping up on this account on this board o-o

Something's up with GameFOX I think...
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