What was the last toy/fig you bought?

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User Info: MightyCollector

6 years ago#11
Unless I'm forgetting something, the last thing I bought was MOTUC Grizzlor and King Grayskull reissue.

User Info: SMASHKING84

6 years ago#12
I recently bought a sakura haruno action figure. The one i bought comes with a 4 detachable arms,and legs,2 detachable heads and a fan. (the reason i'm describing it is i can't copy&paste)
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User Info: hanmo

6 years ago#13
Jazz came today. Awesome.

User Info: falk aspargs

falk aspargs
6 years ago#14
Vanille two months ago at NY Comic Con

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User Info: Suibom

6 years ago#15
An OG Firefly. Just need to get him a Trubble Bubble and some fish line from my ceiling and I'm set.

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User Info: CABRAT

6 years ago#16
I picked up Stripe and Poker Player Gremlin from the new NECA line. I have a Gizmo and Mohawk stashed away for next time.

If any of you are interested, take a good look at them before you buy. I had to look through a handful of Poker Players before finding a complete one. Some of them were missing the Ace behind the ear. One was even missing the poker hand. At first I thought the ones with the Ace behind the ear were variants, but no they are most definitely mispackages.

User Info: SuperSaiyanGoku

6 years ago#17
DC Universe Green Lanterns United
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User Info: ScrappedAeon

6 years ago#18
I really wanted to get the Blackest Night Wonder Woman, but she was like $19 and I didn't want to spend that much.
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User Info: VideoboysaysCube

6 years ago#19
The last ones I bought were Cloud, Tifa, Aeris from FF7, Sora, Kairi from KH and a Link statue. I saw that at a game store when I went to Canada and it was my first time seeing them and I just had to have them:

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User Info: Fred_VII

6 years ago#20
Either Noble Six or Jodo Kast (from Kmart).
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