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Stupid Pirate Guy 4 months ago#151
Knuckles was feeling much better after having a decent meal in his stomach. He loves the drink but by god does he hate the hangovers. He was feeling mad at himself for putting himself in such a weakened state. He was lucky that no one took advantage of that, but he needed to be smarter about things. He smashed his fists together in anger as he walked into a room with several computers. He figured here would be a good place to let off some steam. He started smashing his clawed fists into computer monitors and other expensive equipment. As the machines flew into tiny pieces he laughed loudly, relishing in the glory of his destruction. He flew into a rage and started flying around the room wildly punching anything that looked to be of value. He couldn’t help himself. The thought of causing all this damage reminded him of the good old days of smashing up the Eggman’s toys. As he continued his rampage an electrical fire burst forth from one of the outlets. The fire traveled from computer to computer and quickly turned into a sizable blaze. The smoke detectors went off causing an alarm to sound and a red light to start flashing in the room. Sprinklers descended from the ceiling, but Knuckles was enjoying himself too much. He jumped up and punched several of the sprinklers causing them to jam up and allowing the fire to continue to blaze below. He found a safe corner of the room, laid back and enjoyed watching the chaos he created ensue.

The sound of the fire alarm could be heard throughout the nearby areas of the base and many curious tributes decided to investigate. Mario VS DK turned his attention to the noise. He was going to call out to Faye to come with him to check it out, but when he turned to look at her she had mysteriously disappeared. He thought that she liked him after what they had done the night before. He was hoping to have another round with her once things settled down, but she just took off completely. He was a little bummed out by this, but decided to check out the alarm anyway. He walked down a hallway until he came to an open door with smoke pouring out of it. He poked his head inside and decided that it wasn’t worth proceeding any further inside. That room was f***ed and it would be in his best interest to keep moving. As he turned to leave a piece of fiery debris flew out the door and just nearly missed him. He heard a sinister voice laughing as he took off running down the hallway away from the blaze.

Hanagamas entered the room from an area where the sprinklers were still active. He looked at the destruction of the smoking equipment and wondered what had happened here. The fire was still blazing heavily on the other side of the room and he decided to get a little closer to investigate. As he walked across the room he heard the strange sound of a chain being unraveled and dropped to the ground. He looked over and saw dan0429 staring at him with a vacant look in his eye. Dan’s clothes were covered in burn marks and he looked like his brain had been fried but he started swinging his whip around to the side. Hanagamas lacked a proper weapon and thought of the best route for escape. Dan looked at him with vacant eyes as he swung the whip. He launched the whip forward straight towards hanagamas who dove out of the way. The whip barely missed him as its barbs stuck deep into a wooded desk. As dan struggled to pull the whip free hanagamas took off running for the door he had entered from, feeling stupid for entering a dangerous situation without any means to defend himself. Dan pulled his whip free and was ready to launch it at hanagamas once again when a piece of flaming debris came flying straight at him knocking him off his guard.
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(edited 4 months ago)
Stupid Pirate Guy 4 months ago#152
Knuckles seemed to appear from within the fire itself and looked down at dan with a vicious smile. “This guy ignored me before,” he thought to himself. “Now he’s going to know to fear the Knucks!” Knuckles jumped in the air and took off soaring towards his target as hanagamas ran from the room grateful to have a way out of the situation. Dan had barely had a chance to right himself after being hit by the debris when Knuckles landed on top of him. Knuckles struck fast cutting dan deep along his face. He pulled his fist back preparing for a killing blow when dan tossed his whip in Knuckles’ direction. The whip flew towards Knuckles with little force, but the barbs still caught him in the arm and stuck into him. He stopped his attack as he attempted to pull the whip from his flesh without cutting himself open. As he struggled he watched as dan0429 scurried away. He took the moment of solitude to concentrate on freeing himself. Once he removed the barbs from his arm he threw the whip into the blazing fire and spit on the ground. He sat back down and resumed watching as the fire raged on.

Koga was still walking along the high platform in the seemingly endless tunnel system. The dim lights and same looking concrete walls were really starting to get to him. He hadn’t seen a sign of another person since Jen ran off terrified of him, and he had absolutely no idea where Sunny had run off to. Everything in this area looked the same to him and for all he knew he had just been wandering around in a circle over and over again. There were no apparent exits and he was getting really uncomfortable. He let out a loud scream just to see if anyone might respond to it. He shouted so loud that his voice echoed repeatedly as it bounced off of the concrete walls. He waited a moment in anticipation but heard no reply. Feeling tired he decided that he would try to sleep even though he was greatly unsettled by his surroundings.

Wwinter pulled himself up after his encounter with Larry and walked his way back into the labs that he had just been in. His heart was thumping uncontrollably in his chest and every inch of his body ached in pain. He was hoping to find some type of medical supplies that could alleviate this feeling, he was willing to try anything, he was truly desperate after suffering through this pain for nearly a full day straight. He walked into a room that he had not entered yet. The room was dark, but as he passed the threshold of the door lights began to slowly turn on revealing a long room with several large glass containers lining the walls. He forced himself to move along seeing another door in the distance. He prayed that it was a medical bay of some kind. As he passed by the tubes he noticed that most of them were empty. But every now and again one would be filled with water and contain some kind of sea creature from earth. Some had small coral reefs complete with starfish, urchins and sea sponges. Others were filled with jellyfish that floated around oblivious to how unusual their home was. His chest ached as he continued to walk.

He had nearly made it halfway through the room when he heard a strange sound coming from one of the tanks. He slowly approached it but didn’t notice anything inside. It was very odd though because it sounded almost like the sound coming from it was a disconnected voice. It sounded tiny, but also powerful, like it was driven by a force beyond his understanding of nature. He began to turn away and continue on when it sounded like the creature called his name. He looked again but still saw nothing. He walked up to the glass and saw what seemed to be thousands of nearly microscopic organisms floating through the water in a strange pattern.
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Stupid Pirate Guy 4 months ago#153
He was entranced by this odd phenomenon. As he watched it looked like the small creatures were merging together and taking on a different shape. He was completely hypnotized as he watched the creatures swirl around and take form. After several moments they all seemed to come together in one mass. It was red and black and seemed to be moving like it was covered in bugs. It morphed and took the shape of a face. Not just any face, but his face. He watched in awe as the odd creatures studied him and mimicked his reactions. He was fascinated, but suddenly the copy of his face split open in the middle.

He couldn’t look away, it was as though he was being controlled. He watched in horror as the copy of his face was mutilated showing his skin rotting off and eyes exploding in great detail. The skull ruptured open and showed his brain being unraveled and torn to shreds as it escaped the gaping wound in its face. He could not look away, he wanted to scream but he couldn’t. As he watched the display of these creatures mimic him then show him dying horribly his heart began to pound in his chest even heavier than before. He stood in horror watching the nightmarish display until he could stand no longer. His heart ruptured and he fell to the ground bleeding from his mouth. As he died he wondered if this odd lifeform was the cause of his demise or the hypothermia that he had been suffering from. The question was meaningless as he lie bleeding next to the tank. The creature morphed once more to match the twisted look on wwinter’s dead face as it began to sing its haunting song once again.

Thecolorgreen was still hanging out in the housing area of the colony. He saw little reason to leave at this point. He had access to all the food that he could want and a nice comfortable bed to rest on. He was still unsettled by the disappearance of all of his friends the night before, as well as the body of The Sack. But he tried to not let that bother him too much as he prepared to make this place his base for survival. He had access to knives from the kitchen so he wasn’t completely defenseless. He headed into the kitchen to get himself some food. He walked out with a hot cup of soup and nearly dropped it on the ground when he looked up and saw the most gorgeous woman he had ever seen in his life standing right in the middle of the room. He tried to open his mouth to say something, but he was so nervous that only an awkward squeak came out. The tall woman walked towards him and asked him if he had anymore food. He nodded awkwardly and motioned for her to follow him into the kitchen.

As he started to cook up some more soup he began to calm down. The woman introduced herself as Faye Valentine and she was just looking for a comfortable place to rest. He explained that his spot was the best and she could have any bed that she wanted. She smiled at him as she ate her soup. After eating the two of them walked out into the sleeping area. Green suggested that they try to get one of the tvs working and made a joke about how s***ty the cable must be on the moon. Faye simply smiled at him for a moment before she walked up to him and began to make out with him. Green couldn’t believe his luck and he went for it. She stuck her tongue in his mouth and he pulled her into his bed. He grabbed her large breasts and she responded by grasping his hard c*** through his pants. They began tearing off each others clothes and were soon naked.
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(edited 4 months ago)
Stupid Pirate Guy 4 months ago#154
He laid down and began softly licking her vagina. Her p**** tasted delicious as he slid his tongue up inside of her. He then began sucking on her c*** and he could feel her quivering with delight. He licked her good for several minutes before she stopped him and told him to f*** her now. She laid back and he wasted no time thrusting into her. She wrapped her legs around him and pushed him into her hard. Her wet p**** felt so good. He continued to thrust as she grasped him with her legs. Within minutes they both began moaning as they reached orgasm together. He had cum inside of her, but she didn’t seem to mind. She continued to hold him inside of her with her legs. He caught his breath and within a moment he was ready to go again and began pumping into her once again. She screamed in joy as he filled her with his seed again and again.

Larry had found a small room where he was relaxing and tending to the wound that he had received from wwinter earlier. He was thankful that he had been sponsored a first aid kit so early on because an injury like this could make all the difference in these types of games. He had injected his leg with a serum that was meant to speed the healing process and bandaged the wound up once he managed to removed the harpoon. He was doing his best to relax when he was suddenly interrupted by an unexpected visitor.

Tardis entered the room and stood over Larry. Larry grimaced and picked up his trident, but remained on the floor. He pointed it at Tardis who held his hands up trying to show that he came in peace. He pulled the dead rabbit from his belt and showed it to Larry. He told him that if he could figure out how to get the thing skinned and cooked then they could share it. Larry smiled and tossed the bloody harpoon towards Tardis. Tardis didn’t know what he was doing but he started ripping off the skin of the animal with the harpoon. It was not a pretty process and Larry found it to be quite entertaining, but eventually Tardis managed to remove all of the skin from his kill. “You know how to cook this thing?” he asked Larry. Larry simply smiled and reached out for the rabbit carcass. Tardis handed it over and Larry stuck it into the points of his trident. He then activated the plasma energy concealed in the weapon and within moments the rabbit began to smoke and darken in color. Tardis laughed as the rabbit cooked in this unconventional manner but the plasma energy got the job done within minutes. They both sat down and ripped shreds of meat from the rabbits bones, thoroughly enjoying the much needed protein. They agreed to a temporary truce, but Tardis still slept as far from Larry as possible, just in case he decided to try to get at him with that trident.
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(edited 4 months ago)
Stupid Pirate Guy 4 months ago#155
SunWuKung had made his way back up into the main areas of the lunar base. He was unsure how he wound up the maintenance area, last he remembered he was in a tunnel with Koga and he woke up in a completely different area. He shrugged as he still continued to believe his battle with Melon to be a victory and he was feeling quite good about himself. He started to examine the remaining special arrows that he had found in the cornucopia. There were only a couple left. One of them was green and had a hollow tip. He believed that this had to be a poisonous arrow. Intrigued he unscrewed the arrow head and dissected the delicate technology to find a vial with bright green fluid housed inside of it. He removed the vial and decided to test his theory. He walked up to a nearby potted plant and poured a couple of drops from the vial into it. Within moments the plant began to wilt and turned brown. Sunny was delighted by this discovery and decided that keeping the poison out of the arrow for a more devious strategy would be a better move. He discarded the rest of the arrow and put the vial into his pocket as he continued to walk down the main boulevard of the lunar base. After several minutes Sunny saw a sight that filled him with glee; a pub. Without hesitation he ran inside ready to have a nice drink.

MrKoopa was sitting at the bar enjoying a drink. He had went out for a while searching for the other tributes with no luck and figured that this place was the best to hang out in and kill time. He was starting to relax when he heard loud footsteps running up into the pub. He prepared his blaster under the table ready to take out anyone who meant to threaten him. He stared at the door and felt at ease almost immediately when he saw Sunny come walking through. Sunny was surprised to see Koopa just sitting there, but he was in a good mood and welcomed the company. He asked if he could join and Koopa motioned for him to help himself. The two sat and drank beers together for a few hours. They shared a few laughs and told stories from their homes. Koopa knew that he could take this guy out any time he wanted with one clean shot from his blaster, but he was enjoying the company even if this guy was kind of a tool. “Better than drinking alone,” he thought.

After talking for some time Sunny proposed a toast and offered to mix up a special drink for them. Koopa asked if he knew what he was doing and Sunny assured him that he had a lot of experience working in bars and could whip up something delicious for them to enjoy together. Sunny walked back to the other side of the bar and began pouring different types of liquors and mixers together. The bar was high and Koopa couldn’t see what he was doing. He tried his best to hide his sly grin as he poured the vial of poison into Koopa’s drink. He nearly laughed out loud by how devious he was being, but he managed to hold it in. When the drinks were done he placed one in front of Koopa and held onto the other for himself. “Cheers!” Sunny exclaimed loudly as he held out his glass. Koopa clinked his glass on Sunny’s and took a big sip. Sunny laughed a girlish giggle as Koopa drank, but quickly cleared his throat. He then took a large swig from his drink and slammed it down on the table. He stared at Koopa smiling, waiting for him to keel over from the poison any second. Koopa smiled and took another drink as Sunny stared at him.
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(edited 4 months ago)
Stupid Pirate Guy 4 months ago#156
Suddenly Sunny didn’t feel right. He started to sweat profusely and he felt like his throat was sealing itself shut. He tried to call out for help, but all he could manage to get out was a pained gurgle as he fell to the floor. Koopa got up concerned and looked up over at Sunny. He was grasping his neck and his veins were popping out all along his face colored with a bright green glow. Sunny couldn’t believe it, he mixed up the drinks. He poisoned himself. His vision grew dark and before he lost consciousness the last thing he heard was Koopa yelling out, “Cheers mate!”

Koopa saw the vial of poison on the bar next to where Sunny had been mixing their drinks. He had no idea that the idiot had tried to poison him, but it was f***ing hilarious that he couldn’t even keep track of which drink was which. He laughed hysterically as he watched Sunny convulse on the floor in pain. It took several minutes but Sunny finally laid still after his painful last moments as the poison destroyed his body from the inside. Koopa chugged down the last of his drink and tossed the empty cup on top of Sunny’s corpse. “Tasted like s***, ya b****!” he yelled out followed by another hearty laugh.

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User Info: SunWuKung420

4 months ago#157
Ok, I'd never poison myself.
I'm either failing at a silly joke or trying to help.
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User Info: KogaSteelfang

4 months ago#158
Nice, hope writing this was an enjoyable distraction.
What did the pirate say on his 80th birthday?
Aye Matey!
Stupid Pirate Guy 4 months ago#159
SunWuKung420 posted...
Ok, I'd never poison myself.

Literally the fate the simulation had in store for you.
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User Info: Mario_VS_DK

4 months ago#160
SunWuKung420 posted...
Ok, I'd never poison myself.

Yeah, I was more expecting Koopa to switch the drinks. Turns out you're a clutz instead.
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