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Stupid Pirate Guy 2 months ago#271
I really want to finish this but I find this board increasingly unbearable with every visit. Most of the regulars on the board are either complete s***posters, or people who make boring ass topics about their mundane everyday tasks.

I love my topic regulars and bumpers though, don't get me wrong. Always appreciate your patronage.
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User Info: Mario_VS_DK

2 months ago#272
Just put those users on ignore then? Believe me, it makes it a whole lot enjoyable to browse PotD.
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just kill everyone off in the story and have yourself win

User Info: Melon_Master

2 months ago#274
Mario_VS_DK posted...
Just put those users on ignore then? Believe me, it makes it a whole lot enjoyable to browse PotD.

This. ^^^
But I know the feeling Stupid_Pirate_Guy, I almost left a few months back.. a few of the nicer posters convinced me to stay. :/
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Stupid Pirate Guy 2 months ago#275
Day 4

Koga sat in the comfortable seat aboard the train car. He was looking down at the ground and was grasping the blood covered mace with a white knuckled grip. He was still trying to get over the image of Mario's face exploding outward from him smashing his skull in with his own weapon. The damaged train continued to jerk and jolt wildly along its track continuing its unending circuit throughout the base. The remaining lights in the car flickered wildly from time to time as Koga sat and tried to come to terms with the reality of his situation. He had been playing it safe so far and had been lucky up until he met Mario that his encounters with the other tributes hadn't been aggressive. He had been trapped aboard the train for far too long and he was determined to push forward and stop waiting for the events of the game to play out for him. He stood up ready to start smashing the mace against the metal doors of the train car. Even if he managed to break the door open it would be dangerous to try to exit the train while it refused to stop, but he had rode it long enough he was out of food and water and it was time for action. He prepared to swing the mace at the door when the train suddenly came screeching to a halt. He nearly fell forward as the train stopped, the few other stops he had experienced were very smooth, but this one was jerky and erratic, perhaps the train was damaged to the point that it wouldn't move forward any more. Whatever the case Koga considered it a blessing and began to push the door open.

With some effort he forced his way out of the train car and found himself in a chamber surrounded by blue lights in all directions. He exited onto the catwalk and walked towards the nearest door he could find. He was relieved to finally be leaving the train behind. He walked down the unfamiliar passageways taking random turns with no destination in mind. His thoughts were on getting food, but he was ready to defend himself if he felt threatened. He continued to walk and eventually he heard footsteps coming in his direction followed by heavy breathing. He barely had time to react as Ryan came running frantically around a corner and nearly ran straight into him. Koga jumped back and held up the mace. Ryan held up his hands and backed away, obviously more surprised to see Koga than he was. He was dripping with sweat and looked to be completely distressed. Koga considered just going in for the kill and getting it over with, it would be easy after what he had to do to survive his encounter with Mario. He considered his options as Ryan stared at him uneasily. Koga eventually decided that he could try to at least use Ryan to gain some much needed resources. He demanded Ryan get him some food or he would kill him. Ryan nervously shook his head and rambled that he had a large storage of food and water, he just needed to make his way back to it. Koga nodded and told Ryan to lead him to it. Ryan agreed, he still wasn't quite sure where he was headed but he continued his search back to his dormitory as Koga followed behind keeping the mace poised and ready to kill if Ryan were to attempt to attack him.
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Stupid Pirate Guy 2 months ago#276
MrKoopa and Faye Valentine were continuing to travel together. Faye still seemed upset from the photos that she had found at the feast and Koopa was trying his best not to discuss the issue with her. He wasn't sure if he could trust her as much as he could before with her in this emotional state. He felt like she kept looking at him like she could turn on him at any time. At this point it almost felt like the two were accompanying one another to prevent them from getting the jump on the other. They eventually found themselves in the forest habitat. They both looked up at the trees and were amazed that such a beautiful creation of nature could have been created on this desolate rock. Being surrounded by the natural beauty set them both at ease and they both agreed to take a rest and relax. They ate a meal and shared a few laughs together. The wariness that they had felt of one another had worn off. They agreed that they should try to get some rest. Koopa offered to take first watch so Faye could get some sleep and she would watch while he took his turn. She rested her back against a tree and closed her eyes, a feeling of peaceful relaxation washed over her. She fell into a meditative state as she breathed in the forest. Koopa found a thick patch of bushes nearby that he was able to conceal himself in. He figured that if he were to be stuck on watch he may as well be smart about it and stay hidden, that way if someone were to attempt to attack the sleeping Faye he could get the jump on them easily.

Jen had also found her way into the forest habitat, but entered from the opposite end than Koopa and Faye. The enclosure was large enough that the separate parties were completely oblivious to one another. Jen heard the sound of running water and ran towards it to find a small stream. She bent down and took a long drink of the water. The water made her feel restored. She had been running around in the sewers and maintenance areas on this base for so long. Simply being around organic life once again made her feel rejuvenated. She found some apples in a tree and sated her hunger. She felt very relaxed and safe in this area. After she was fully hydrated and fed she started to pick the various wildflowers that were growing from the grass. She held the flowers up to her nose and took a long sniff of them. The smell reminded her of her home on Earth and she began to softly cry as she fell asleep fully exposed in an open grassy patch in the forest.

Dan0429 was walking through the central plaza of the lunar base. His hands were still covered in the blood of Larry and his face had streaks of the blood on his cheeks from where he had wiped away his tears. He was fully demoralized. He was stranded and unable to contact help. The only person who he had seen turned out to be a total a****** and he was almost positive that anyone else that he would run into around here wouldn't be any better. He walked past the empty and blank suites that looked like they would one day house businesses. He felt like he was walking in a mall, but a mall that didn't have any stores. This entire place perplexed and depressed him. With no other purpose set out for him he continued to walk forward. To his surprise he eventually saw a suite that looked to be occupied by a business. A wooden sign hung down indicating that it was a tavern. He didn't drink alcohol much, but he was thirsty and he was genuinely curious about what a tavern on the moon might look like.
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Stupid Pirate Guy 2 months ago#277
He entered the tavern and was immediately struck by a foul stench that was lingering in the air. He looked around and didn't see anyone else but it was quite clear that others had previously occupied this place. The bar was covered in empty bottles. Many of the chairs were knocked over or out of place and there were some odd looking pinball machines on one side of the room that were reflecting a high score that had recently been set. Despite the disgusting smell of the place he continued to walk in. His desire to quench his thirst far outweighed his need to breath fresh air. He looked over the bar and saw that there were still a few bottles of beer that had been untouched. He would have preferred to drink some water, but that beer looked absolutely delicious at this point. He walked around and began to go behind the bar when he saw a sight that made him feel sick. A corpse that looked like its flesh was dissolved away lay behind the bar, its skeleton sprawled out in a pose that showed that this person had died in a great deal of pain. He was filled with dread upon seeing this horrifying sight. The mouth of the skeleton hung open and its eye sockets were filled with pools of rotted viscera.

His first instinct was to turn around and leave, but he had no idea of where else he would find anything to hydrate with. He resolved to go behind the bar and get himself his much needed drink. He gulped deeply and stepped behind the bar. The smell of the decomposing body made him feel ill. He held his breath as he slowly reached past the skeleton towards the enticing bottles of beer. Tears streamed from his eyes as he couldn't help but look down upon the miserable heap of remains that had once been a person. He finally grabbed hold of the bottle. He let out his breath and quickly pulled his arm back to himself away from the horrible corpse. He was ready to take his prize and run when he heard a strange beeping coming from nearby. He turned to see a metal disc on the ground next to him flashing a red light. He froze up as the light flashed. The beeping pierced his mind like a spike. He had no time to react as the small disc erupted into pressurized blast of flames. Dan was instantly ripped to pieces as the explosion destroyed the entire tavern. Smoke poured out of the tavern entrance and filled the plaza. Eventually the sprinklers that hadn't been destroyed by the blast went to work extinguishing the flames. As the smoke and fire slowly cleared all that was left to be found of dan0429 were tiny charred bits.

7 cannon shots can be heard in the distance.

District 10

Melon Master
District 5

District 6

Mario VS DK
District 1

District 2

District 8

District 7

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Lmao @ Dan. Poor guy.
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User Info: KogaSteelfang

2 months ago#279
Oh goody. Parasite leading me to its stash. At least I got off the train, that was a surprise. Thought for sure it'd get me.
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Aye Matey!
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User Info: I_Abibde

2 months ago#280
*reading this whilst eating knockoff Fruity Pebbles*

It's okay, Dan. Whatever your sexual orientation, everybody's equal when they're reduced to smoking kibbles.
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