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User Info: The Wave Master

The Wave Master
3 months ago#1
"Anything can happen on Halloween. Your dog could turn into a cat."

Thank you all for posting and keeping the topic going. You know the rules by now. Post anything Geek related. Comic books, video games, music, wrestling, board games, movies, television, etc... As long as it's Geek related or interesting.

Per usual we have an opening question to keep the topic going, and that question is:

"Who is your favorite and least favorite video game protagonist and antagonist? Explain why."

Bonus Question: How could their appearance in the game have been improved to make the experience actually enjoyable?

Wrap up from "Super Geek Odyssey" coming up!
We are who we choose to be.

User Info: shadowsword87

3 months ago#2
Post'n to post.

User Info: WhiskeyDisk

3 months ago#3
Tagging in. ~there's always free cheese in a mousetrap.
Red Six, standing by.

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User Info: Raganork

3 months ago#5
I never realized how eerily similar Tim Curry looks like Jimmy Fallon before.

User Info: Entity13

3 months ago#6
Gods, I'd have a hell of a time trying to choose favorites and least favorites in the games I've experienced.

I know that FFVIII's Squall could have improved greatly if we Americans had gotten the Japanese version where the man actually talked and had development, as opposed to the dumbass we got whose lines were cut down simply to "..." and "Nope."

XII's Vaan could have been better by not existing. At all.

The same for that spineless little s*** in the Tales of Symphonia sequel we must never name.

If Asbel from Tales of Graces were smacked over the head with even an ounce of common sense, not only would he have been a better character in general but also half or more of the game would not have happened.


Compare to Claude from "Star Ocean 2." At the start, he's an ensign in his father's shadow who ends up on an alien world with no apparent way to get back home. He still tries to find a way back or to be rescued, but he spends the first half of the game helping others because he recognizes wrong from right, and isn't one to stand by as bad things just happen. In the middle of the game, he's given the hard choice of going home with his father's crew, or stay behind to help his new friends in their hour of direst need. He chooses the latter. Also during the first half of the game, he meets a swordsman he gains respect for and tries to match the man in terms of skill. He earns a level of respect from that same man as well.

There's Dart in "Legend of Dragoon" who will run into trouble to save those who are important to him, even though he's spent half or so of his life committed to a mission of revenge against a being known as the Black Monster. Every so often, tragedy strikes, but he doesn't lie around crying about it, nor does he consider quitting his second quest to save the world. When he loses his best friend, Dart carries on and tries to honor his friend's memory. When he discovers the identity of the Black Monster, he forgives her amidst a duel due to a number of reasons, including being a better man than so many others.

Sora/Haseo in .hack// is a fine example of a solid, developing protagonist I like as well. He goes from attention-seeking Player Killer to comatose and amnesiac, to trying out The World again (though the first time he can remember), to following Ovan and Shino on some grand, intriguing adventure, to a mission for revenge that molds him into a renowned slayer of other Player Killers, to an arrogant teenage prick in need of more help than he's willing to receive, to a champion of many and close friend to some. Most of that is in a space of less than a year.

Also: Lenneth from Valkyrie Profile. <_<


That's just touching briefly on protagonists.

User Info: Entity13

3 months ago#7
Zenos in FFXIV: Stormblood actually managed to enter my list of enjoyable antagonists. His own father--the current emperor of Garlemald--thinks of him as a monster. Zenos has a mad scientist for one of his right-hand men/women. He cuts down cowards in his own ranks, often in front of other soldiers under his command. He's powerful. He catches a dragon of devastating power and holds it captive in the middle of his garden, just for kicks (and you can actually believe it with him). He only spares your character, willingly, twice because of his overwhelming desire for a rival, and even tries to convince you that you're as much of a monster as he is before he finishes himself off.

I also enjoyed Kefka and Ardyn in their respective FF games.

Compare to Exdeath from V, who was a demon-possessed tree bent on the generic rule and destroy aspects of super villainy. Or every major antagonist of the XIII trilogy whose plans all boiled down to wanting you to kill them, the latter two so you can take their place.

Beatrice in "Wild Arms 3" was interesting for manipulating everyone, good or bad, to her ultimate end of using the world's energy to create a world of her own. She has the appearance of a little Gothic girl, and is the demon of dreams.

The main antagonist of "Tales of Graces" was just a sentient science experiment that decided to lash out and destroy everything . . . until Asbel's case of the stupid infected him and made him give humanity another chance.

There's this game that calls itself "Wild Arms 4." I have talked at length many times before on this board as to why I hate the game. The main antagonist? He convinces the main character's father to retaliate against humanity and try to destroy the world... by killing a puppy (totally just his own doing), then he goes blind in a confrontation with your party, and he decides to atone for his actions seconds before a giant rock falls on him and the only woman who cared for his ass. No apologies to anyone, including the man he convinced to try to destroy the world, no anything. His long-run scheme through most of the game? It was forgettable and amounted to nothing. AND HE WAS SOMEHOW STILL ONE OF THE BETTER THINGS ABOUT THAT PILE OF s*** GAME!

User Info: The Wave Master

The Wave Master
3 months ago#8
I love you Entity. Mainly for answering the topic question. But also for being an awesome gal too.

I honestly thought that answering the opening question was a newbie trap.

Either way good job answering the question.
We are who we choose to be.

User Info: knivesX2004

3 months ago#9
Tag for lurking.

User Info: Nade Duck

Nade Duck
3 months ago#10
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