lithtech.exe error

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User Info: rubber-duckie4

6 years ago#1
I'm Having problems downloading and playing this game due to the lithtech.exe file on the disks.......

when installing the game the laptop encounters a problem when it gets to the lithtech.exe file. when this happens a warning box comes up saying that i can either abort installation, retry, or ignore that file. obviously my first instinct was to retry but not even a second after i hit that button the warning box comes up again. failing this i realised all i could do was ignore that file and hope it wasn't important. the rest of the installation happened nicely. however it turned out that the game is unplayable without that file. only twice have i managed to install that file and that was when my whole McAffe security was off, even then i was booted off the game within 1 minute of it being run for the same error.

does anyone know if there is a patch i can download to combat this error? or another way of getting around it?? any help would be much appreciated.
thank you.

User Info: Bounty314

6 years ago#2

I have the EXACT same problem. It makes me hate mcafee more and more. This is one of my favorite games and I would love to play online again!

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