Mission 9 giving me some trouble

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User Info: DrP_FFX2

8 years ago#1
I'm not sure how many people actually still surf this board, but if anyone could give me help on mission 9, that'd rock. I'm pretty much stuck trying to play catch up now that the other 2 have starved themselves of energy. I've only been able to secure just enough money to pay off the quota, and have just a small amount left over. Unfortunately, a stardock is out of the question in order to sell what little wares I harvest from the bio-deck. I've been playing this level about an hour, and it'd be nice to know how exactly to starve the last guy of visitors but not break the bank so that my rooms go offline.

User Info: mwdaly

8 years ago#2
I just did it again, and it took me nearly two hours to complete it. I'm not sure if running a great station pushes the last guy off faster or if you just need to scrape by and wait, but here are a few ideas.

- Don't expand, especially not early. It costs more money per turn and makes it harder to find bombs.

- You don't need a Star Dock, and you also don't need a Cargo Hold. Leave the plants in the ground until you need them. When Arona's icon pops up, do some farming and then sell what you can to him, and leave the rest in your pattern buffer because anything he didn't want he'll want next time.

- Research can help you construct the best high-end pleasure level items. Alien Artifacts become the Oroflex, Black Market Goods become the Roulesse Wheel, and Discos become Holodromes. All very profitable, and you can justify opening another section or two on the Pleasure Level when you get them.

- On my Engineering Deck, I just had an Energy Collector, a Port, a Sick Bay, a Lab, a Comsensor, and a Recycler in the one original sector. There was even enough clear space that I could explode a bomb without doing any damage, which obviously comes in handy.

- Diversify your climates on the Bio Deck. Set aside a lot of space for cold, dry land, because that generates Alien Artifacts which give you the best returns. Black Market Goods and medicine are also very good, while food and industrial supplies are weak. But you may as well have enough of everything that you can supply the raw goods for your stores. Again, the one sector you start with is enough room.
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