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User Info: sagekat

9 years ago#1
I am at Menat-khufu, its just after Thinis and you have to farm a whole bunch of Figs and Pomagranits to feed Egypt after the civil war.

My problem is the dentists. I have tried this mission twice and the first time it said I needed more dentists in order to increase culture. So I added a TON, two to every city block and I was still told there were not dentists. When I checked the dentist it said there were no workers near by.

So I started over (for various reasons) and I added my dentist early, and they were all employed. Now, its later in the game, I have an unemployment of 12%, (about 160 workers) and none of my dental shops are employed. I have added new houses near the dentists, I have shuffled labor around, but no avail. Any help in putting dentists on my streets?

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