Pros and Cons of Samurai, Decker, Or Shaman?

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User Info: devildriver456

9 years ago#1
Im going to play this game soon. Im just wondering, which is the best class to start with? Which ones would be the best in the end of the game? Pros and Cons of each class? Need help. : (

User Info: vick1000

9 years ago#2
Just play the one that suits you. You will want to experience all three at some point right.

I played a decker my first time through, it turned out to be the easiest way to make money.
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User Info: vick1000

9 years ago#3
The end of the game is too easy to worry about that.
Bob Page: "I will burn like the brightest star..."
J.C. Denton: "You're gonna burn alright."

User Info: devildriver456

9 years ago#4
But what are the Pros and Cons of Each class? thats what i want to know :(

User Info: Vegetaman

9 years ago#5
You can play a Decker no matter what class you choose, so it's the worst one IMO. Shaman is good if you want to go the magic route (as magic is POWERFUL), and Samurai is good if you want to cyber yourself up (you'll kill lots of stuff with guns and your fists and grenades). I'd say Decker is a poor choice, IMO, because you don't need to chose decker to be one.
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User Info: vick1000

9 years ago#6
Decker gives you a huge head start though, so really don't have to grind in Redmond for hours. Unless you want to do zombie runs until you have enough to hire a decker for a single, and just never do the run.

If you want to be loner, a Decker is a good choice to start with. It is a role playing game, why not play a role the first time through, instead of just stat grinding. I say pick who you would want to play, not the best statistical choice.
Bob Page: "I will burn like the brightest star..."
J.C. Denton: "You're gonna burn alright."

User Info: red_ice9

9 years ago#7
Only real difference between the Decker and the Samurai is the data jack and the razors. Personally, I choose the data jack just cause I don't really use fist on my controlled runner.

Shaman is good if you want your main runner to be able to use, or just have magic, in exchange for an item slot which is a good deal.
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9 years ago#8

Pros-The Samurai is easy to play.The closest you get to thinking in depth is deciding if you wanna use a Allegiance shotgun or an HK 227-S.Cyber up get essence to 0.1 get heavy combat armor and shooting things until the game ends.You can get servicable as soon as you get an armored jacket+Ares Predator and nearly untouched with Heavy Combat armor and either of the two best in the game guns

Cons-Starts off with lower social stats and thus a tad less payoff for runs until he builds it up.A little simplistic and not much to going on besides shooting things


Pros-The shaman can do it all.With combat foci he can use a gun as well as a cybered samurai and take out Hellhounds with an SMG in his sleep.He has Magic giving him unlimited ammo ignoring shotgun speed/damage attacks and lots of neat extras like invisibility barrier stoneskin etc.His lower inventory space is offset by not needing to pack on the medikits due to having free limitless healing

Cons-Steep costs.It takes alot of money for the foci needed and he still needs all the ornaments that the Samurai needs to buy.It takes a bit longer to build him up since hes also putting karma into Sorcery


Pros-Can sit down and start decking all by himself and early in the game freelancing for alot more money and only a little less karma.Not having to hire a Decker or pay for a datajack also saves him money and lets him channel it towards bigger and better decks while still funding all the stuff hes gonna have to do in the real world parts of the game

Cons-Decking is hard.Not as in "Difficult for the player to do" i mean its hard to get anything done without failing constantly until your stats and gear are obscenely good.While its very feasible that you can go through the whole game with 6s on average for stats decking almost NEEDS a 12 computer and high end gear especially if you wanna tackle the big systems or Ito's personal database late game

Surprisingly everyones starting stats are very balanced.Samurais just basically get a point more in Body and firearms Deckers get alot of 2s and Shamans get a 1 Strength[HAH] and 3 Negotiation
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User Info: JonicArc

9 years ago#9
Decker & Samurai .. end up & start out as pretty much the same thing except Decker starts out with more speed & Samurai has it spreed in more useless stats. Your gonna end up the same unless you want to spreed out your skills between your followers.

Shaman ... is the same except with magic.
The bonus is you have magic.
The bad part is you have magic.
There are no magic hot keys & if you switch members, you could have a randomly selected spell. Mages are goo for followers, & let them worry about the auto spell switching & let them heal you, but don't count on it.
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User Info: BerserkerBlader

9 years ago#10
"Samurai has it spreed in more useless stats."

Body is not a useless stat.

The decker dies in like, three hits from the halloweeners.
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