catching abra for mew glitch

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9 years ago#1
so im trying to catch the abra needed to teleport. im having problems though... hes always teleporting away from me on the rare occasions i find him. I tried using sing with my jigglypuff but he teleported before me... what do i do?

um yeah...

User Info: zesoupmonster

9 years ago#2
Just throw a Pokeball at it as soon as you encounter Abra; it's really not that hard to catch and should only take a few tries to get one.

User Info: RE123

9 years ago#3
if you want to put him to sleep you have to get your pokemon (jigglypuff) to like level 25 (or until he reaches level 23 or higher speed) because he'll always teleport before jigglypuff can put him to sleep

User Info: pokedude7

9 years ago#4
Feh! Jigglypuff at level 25? Butterfree with Sleep Powder would be better! It is faster than Abra, a Butterfree with Confusion and Sleep Powder is the best Abra catcher in the game. I always use it to catch Abra.
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  3. catching abra for mew glitch

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