You can get on to the bicycle road with no bike

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User Info: FMALuciferOD

7 years ago#1
Take the bike out of your inventory, walk right next to the counter where the cop is, and keep holding down the D-Pad towards the exit. She will try to stop you, but by the time the dialouge is over you'll be far enough past her that you may contenue onward.

However once on cycling road your automatically on a bicycle, despite the fact there is none in your inventory.

Pointless, but I discovered this years ago and I've never seen it in the cheats section. Thought I'd share it.

User Info: hylianarmy

7 years ago#2
Brr.... Sure feels cold in here....
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User Info: FMALuciferOD

7 years ago#3
then good god why isn't it listed in the cheat section?

User Info: gbchaosmaster

7 years ago#4
Why don't you try adding it then?

User Info: Gunbladelad

7 years ago#5
Many tips & tricks that people can use to get unexpected benefits from the game don't actually get accepted as cheats - this will be one such code.

I know I have submitted a multitude of codes before for various formats, and many of them have been rejected as "being of no use to the player", or "not a cheat" - even when what I've put down can result in a major ingame profit for the player.

As such, I now have them on file on my PC, or where the board is quiet, I have it on an unused topic.
Where logic won't work - I will
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User Info: FMALuciferOD

7 years ago#6
I did several years ago, GBC, the only code I ever discovered and tried to submit and well... yeah?

Really a shame too. I personally am convinced I discovered it first because I never saw anything like it amongst the sea of "GET MEW CODES" on the sites I use to search during the Pikablu days. But from the last poster, i could of not.

still I'm saddened by the fact it's cOLD in here... I thought no one else had found out.

User Info: sumeet_2999

7 years ago#7
i really didn't know this nice find and i just found out you can use rare candy to REVIVE fainted pokemon

User Info: Daramue

7 years ago#8

From: hylianarmy | #002
Brr.... Sure feels cold in here....

I suggest wearing a jacket to shield yourself from the overuse of your phrase.
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User Info: Dolebizkit

7 years ago#9
My God, I completely forgot about Pikablu O_O Ah, those were the things that made the original games truly great.
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