decent low level runewords

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User Info: mrolympia78

6 years ago#1
like from 20-30

I've checked out the faqs on this board but are there some that have been added to 1.13 that aren't in the guides that are actually worthwhile?

Iowa - 2010 Orange Bowl Champions

User Info: TravelingJack

6 years ago#2
Lore is good if you don't have a Peasant Crown
Stealth is great for melee, caters and ranged characters.
Rhyme is an awesome shield with fantastic mods.
Honor is a beastly weapon for melee characters, as well as mercs.
obviously javazon are different from bowzons but both are ranged casters - RisenTerran

User Info: mrolympia78

6 years ago#3
should add that I'm currently at level 19 with a paladin going with a paladin zealot.
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User Info: MMBN6

6 years ago#4
Was able to get a "Kings Grace" war sword by Act III on normal and has proven to be well worth it. Havent progressed much as i am not able to play very often so im not sure of some more experienced users wouldnt waste their time with it.

"Kings Grace"
+100% Enhanced Damage
+100% Damage To Demons
+50% Damage To Undead
Adds 5-30 Fire Damage
Adds 3-14 Cold Damage - 3 Second Duration
+150 To Attack Rating
+100 To Attack Rating Against Demons
+100 To Attack Rating Against Undead
7% Life Stolen Per Hit
3 socketed Swords, Scepters

User Info: mrolympia78

6 years ago#5
where's the best place to rune farm in each act?
Iowa - 2010 Orange Bowl Champions

User Info: MMBN6

6 years ago#6
Best place from what i have heard is to just run the Countess over and over.

User Info: mrolympia78

6 years ago#7
dang, that's what I've been doing and all she gives me is Ral and Tal runes all the time.
Iowa - 2010 Orange Bowl Champions

User Info: Freakboy2015

6 years ago#8
it has to be hell countess. normal and NM countess are pointless.

and even hell countess isn't perfect. She just has the greatest statistical chance to drop high runes. Which is really still only about a .0048. Not good, just tons better than anything else statistically.

User Info: Perin Valin

Perin Valin
6 years ago#9
^ pay attention to the title and initial post of the topic before you embarrass yourself further.

I like simple runewords such as Steel and Nadir. If you are persistent you can easily make a full complement of rune-word gear and stock up on a variety of runes, possibly up to dol, just from Normal countess runs. You would be using a lot of runes in the horadric cube, and some gems, but you COULD. I find that it is rewarding to make two sol runes from normal countess runs, one for Lore, and one for Insight.

here is a quick list of items I make routinely for my characters:
Ancient's Pledge (3 sock shield) Ral + Ort + Tal = Improves all resistances (makes bosses a breeze)
King's Grace (3 sock sword/scepter) Amn + Ral + Thul = Life steal and Enhanced damage
Leaf (2 sock staff) Tir + Ral = Massive fire skills bonus for the sorceress, +3 to anyone's fire skills
Lore (2 sock helm) Ort + Sol = +1 to all skills, damage reduce, lightning resistance, + energy .... et cetera
Nadir (2 sock helm) Nef + Tir = It's better than nothing, i guess
Rhyme (2 sock shield) Shael + Eth = an all around great shield, better than the ancients pledge but hard to get
Stealth (2 sock armor) Tal + Eth = Armor for low level characters that need speed. Best on casters, FCR%
Steel (2 sock sword/axe/mace) Tir + El = Fast, boosted damage, and open wounds. I put this in a Flail
Strength ( 2 sock melee weapons) Amn + Tir = life stealing weapon with crushing blow
Zephyr (2 sock missile weapon) Ort + Eth = Faster attack speed, faster run/walk, more damage
Edge ( 3 sock missile weapon) Tir + Tal + Amn = Thorns aura, more damage, faster attacks, life steal

I think Edge is ladder only. There are a few others that you wouldn't be able to make without getting items from Nightmare difficulty or higher. I didn't include them in my list. You can make any of these by the end of act 1 or 2, although some would require a ridiculous investment of time unless you experienced a lucky streak of epic proportions.

User Info: SoBe

6 years ago#10
Most have been mentioned, but Malice and Black, are also nice ones for weapons. White also if you're playing a Necromancer. Melody is a great starter for bowzons. Smoke makes a fantastic armor when you start NM and need those extra resists. Lionheart can be put together fairly easily in NM, and has great mods. Spirit is practically a must for most casters. Splendor can be used on them too until you get a Monarch for Spirit.
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