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Why Won't it run on a Vista PC?

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  3. Why Won't it run on a Vista PC?

User Info: Syrisrodello187

9 years ago#1
I spent $1500 on a brand new pc and it's super vamped toward performance and gaming. But it won't run Diablo II. I think that is absolute bs. Can someone tell me why? And is there a way around that?

User Info: Bentley195

9 years ago#2
im using it on 64 bit vista with no problems, right click and change compatibility mode under properties to win xp and see if that helps
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User Info: Zoren

9 years ago#3
runs fine for me, might have to setup some compatibility in the properties
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User Info: neo6000

9 years ago#4
Try download the patch from the website after you install LOD, rather then start the game and update.

Im using Vista 32 Bit on 2 computers and runs fine on both.
Also runs with WINE. :) (If you use it)

User Info: Syrisrodello187

9 years ago#5
what patch and what site is it?

User Info: Amarande

9 years ago#6
If it's an update problem, then it's probably got to do with the security features of Vista. I've heard of (haven't experienced it myself) a few people having similar sorts of update problems with other games as well (particularly the Neverwinter Nights games come to mind).

You see, Vista will under normal circumstances nearly absolutely prevent you from overwriting files in or under the Program Files folder (which is, of course, what updates generally always do!) unless you a) are running an application it recognizes as trusted, or b) you override the system by explicitly selecting to Run As Administrator. This happens even if you are logged on as an administrator account now, however, which is a security feature that is new to Vista.

Vista is also well-equipped to handle legacy applications for the most part in this regard, as it will normally redirect attempts to overwrite files in Program Files to a Virtual Store system under the user's personal directories ... this feature actually works awesomely when it comes to things like personal settings or game saves. The problem is that, of course, updaters always want to overwrite files, and need to do so for proper action, which runs counter to Vista's security model, at least in Vista's eye for many legacy applications. So you need to override the system, which in most cases tends to make everything okay even for many programs that people consider incompatible with Vista. You can do this either by

a) Running D2 as administrator to do the patching. Note: I don't speak for the security of the Diablo II game program itself. I have heard rumors that players can be hacked by joining a maliciously created game, such as the infamous "dupe your items here" games but I have not risked my computer to test to see if these really can get you hacked or are only scams ... in any case, it's wisest to exit D2 and run it normally after patching as you really shouldn't run programs with elevated privileges without a need to do so.

b) Installing D2 somewhere other than Program Files, thus making it not be subject to the special security Vista gives to the Program Files folder - you should merely need to make sure that the user you play as has write permission to the D2 folder. This makes you a little more vulnerable to malware, but it shouldn't matter if you follow good security practices in general. I haven't tested this to see if it has any issues with D2 but I do know that Warcraft III, which uses the same type of patcher patches fine this way. (The main reason I'd suspect any issues is that I do this with WoW as well, and while minor patches work ok, major patches often need me to run WoW as admin anyway, due to the fact that even with the game outside of Program Files, some patches need to write to Common Files, which is kept under Program Files anyway grrrr ...)
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User Info: ace56

9 years ago#7
it may be that annoying security check that asks you if you should do something EVERY time something pops up, it asks, is this ok? or something,

there is a way to turn that off in vista but i forgot, i turned it off a week after using my computer because it was so annoying.

i have a vista ultimate edition and 64 bit as well and my diablo 2 runs, it just has some bad graphics in town and in places because of having a bad graphics card for diablo 2
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User Info: Banichi_Ji

9 years ago#8
lol. I have a <$700 Tower with a Radeon 2400 and vista ultimate. I run Diablo 2 perfectly with only a little lag when I kill Diablo.

To turn off User Account Control go to control panel->security->security center->other security settings and turn it off. I think that's the one that makes those popups.
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User Info: Syrisrodello187

9 years ago#9
Now I got it installed, now I don't have any error messages popping up, but when I click on the game to start, the game doesn't physically start up. yet it shows up on the processes in the task manager, but the game won't start. What should I do?

User Info: DaFro198

9 years ago#10
What you should do is reformat your hard drive and install Windows XP or install Linux. Vista is a POS
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