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zealadin build, solo /player 8 run, please rate

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User Info: LestatDark

9 years ago#1
I'm a level 62 zealadin, middle act III nightmare, doing a solo /player 8 run. I used to play diablo 2 all the time 3/4 years ago, but had stopped for a long time. I'm replaying the game now, and i'm trying to find if my build will get me at least through the rest of nightmare mode, and at least the first acts of hell mode, until a find better items.

Helm - Blackhorn's Face Unique Death Mask (Def. 243 - Prevent Monster Heal, Slows Target by 20%, +180% Enhanced Defense, Lighting Resist +15%, +20 Lightning Absorb, Attacker Takes Lightning Damage of 25)

Armor - Ancient Armor Runeword Fortitude (Def. 705 - 20% chance to cast level 15 chilling armor when struck, 25% faster cast rate, +300% enhanced damage, +200% enhanced defense, +15 defense, +85 to life, replenish life +7, +5% to maximum lightining resist, all resistances +29, damage reduced by 7, 12% damage taken goes to mana, +1 to light radius)

Weapon - Aldur's Rhytim Jagged Star set item (Damage. 66 to 102 - +30% increased attack speed, +30% enhanced damage, adds 40-62 damage, +150 to attack rating, +200% damage to demons, adds 50-75 lightning damage, 8% mana stolen per hit, 14% life stolen per hit, +50% damage to undead, three sockets with perfect skull, perfect amethyst and jewel)

Shield - Akaran Targe Spirit Runeword (Def. 107, chance to block. 40% - +2 to all skills, +31% faster cast rate, +55% faster hit recovery, +250 defense vs. missile, +22 to vitality, +91 to mana, cold, lightning and poison resist +45%, fire resist +10%, +6 magic absorb, attacker takes damage of 14)

Boots - Bramble Track Greaves rare (Def 44. +20% faster run/walk, +31 defense, heal stamina plus 50%, half freeze duration, 60% extra gold from monsters)

Belt - Tal Rasha's Fine-Spun Cloth Mesh Belt set item (Def. 40 - +20 to dexterity, +30 to mana, 37% damage taken goes to mana, 11% better chance of getting magic items, requirements -20%)

Gloves - Beast Claw Gauntlets rare - (Def. 30 - 3% mana stolen per hit, +90% enhanced defense, +2 to strength, fire resist +22%, 16% better chance of getting magic items)

Death Collar Amulet rare - (Replenish life +5, All resistances +9, half freeze duration, 35% better chance of getting magic items)

Order Finger Ring rare - (+1 to maximum damage, 5% bonus to attack rating, +91 to attack rating, replenish life +5, lightning resist +9%, fire resist +28%, +5 to light radius)

Storm Hold Ring rare - (+50 to attack rating, +9 to dexterity, +4 to energy, cold resist +13%, lightning resist +28%, magic damage reduced by 1)

Skill build:
Defiance - 1
Might - 1
Blessed Aim - 1
Concentration - 1
Fanatiscism - 20
Sacrifice - 8
Zeal - 13
Vengeance - 1
Holy Bolt -1
Blessed Hammer - 1
Smite - 1
Charge - 1
Holy Shield - 17

Zeal Damage. 793 - 1253
Zeal Attack Rating: 4317
Defense - 8827 (Total combined of items, chilling armor level 15, holy shield level 17, level 62 act 2 merc defiance aura)
Stamina - 282
Life - 739
Mana - 232
Strength - 151
Dexterity - 128
Vitality - 160
Energy - 19
Fire resist - 75%
Cold resit - 66%
Lightning resist - 80%
Poison resist - 61%

I know it's a long post, i just wanted to be very thorough if someone wants to judge my actual zealadin. Please leave your comments.

User Info: stoaster

9 years ago#2
Sounds alright to me, should get you into hell no problem.

The zeal paladin I use is a bit different but has obviously huge drawbacks in hell. Mine has around 300-4500 damage using zeal and the offensive lightning aura(forget the name). That worked really well for me but hell mode is pretty annoying if I'm playing solo(although I really only used him when playing lan with my girlfriend as her frozen orb sorc).

User Info: LestatDark

9 years ago#3
Thanks. I used to play in hell with a couple of friends with a bowazon back in the days, i just wanted to try a new build with a paladin. I thought of the holy shock aura too, but went with holy shield instead, the added defense and chance to block is a true life-saver. 300-4500 damage? damn, that's powerful, even though you have a low damage input, the maximum damage is insane. A zeal paladin with a frozen orb sorc, that had to be a awesome team ;)

User Info: Explopyro

9 years ago#4
I'm curious how you managed to get Fortitude with the rest of your items as they are...
I know the answer... what was the question again?
ACWW: Name: Explopyr, Town: Pyrotech, 0773-8595-5747

User Info: skelter90

9 years ago#5
@stoaster: How'd you manage to get 4500 max damage? Items? That's pretty insane, bro.
GG/Garena ID: skelter90

User Info: LestatDark

9 years ago#6
A friend of mine who has a level 95 summomancer gave me a Lo rune through multiplayer to complete the runeword, the other three runes, El, Sol, Dol are commonly found through nightmare. Yes i'm using a ladder-only runewords to play in single player, i don't play in ladder because i've had a few bad experiences in the past with ladders (stolen characters by hackers, P.K's, Duped Items, etc...), so i never went and play in them again. You can critizice me for that, i just want to get the best experience out of this wonderful game, without having to worry about losing my char every 5 seconds (I play hardcore only).

User Info: stoaster

9 years ago#7
Just checked my damage. It's 166-4423 using zeal and holy shock. The damage comes from lvl 22 zeal, lvl 6 sacrifice to boost zeal a little, 24 holy shock and 22 resist lightning to boost shock.

My weapon is Zakarum's hand(runeword on rune scepter):

41-76 damage
30% increased attack speed
5% chance of blizzard on striking
220% enhanced damage
8% mana steal
ignore target defense
regen mana 10%
regen stamina 15%
+2 holy shock
+2 holy freeze
+50% damage against undead

For defensive purposes I keep Holy Shield on(currently lvl 19 after boosts from equipment). It's kinda nice how high the duration gets eventually. At lvl 19 it lasts 8 minutes.

This pally is one of my favorite characters but he really does need the sorc with him since he's so heavily based on one element. Without holy shock(but still using zeal) on he only does 165-343 damage(mostly physical). Luckily my girlfriend and I got everything set up earlier this week so her new laptop is able to hook up to my pc for lan games again. I think we'll probably have time to play D2 a bit this weekend.

On a side note, I was thinking of starting a hammer paladin at some point but I dunno, looks like they may get boring after awhile even if they are strong(same problem I have with summon based necromancers).

User Info: stoaster

9 years ago#8
Just wanted to add that in hindsight, I could have gotten better damage if I put less into pumping up zeal and more into pumping up holy shock. If I put points into salvation I could of had another 4% per point on my shock. It isn't as good as the 12% per level I got from resist lightning, but it still would have been better than pumping up zeal as far as I did(the sacrifice points were kind of a mistake).

User Info: stoaster

9 years ago#9
Oh, that was a mistake, Zakarum's hand is a unique, not a runeword. I was thinking of my previous scepter that was a runeword weapon.

On a sidenote, we played lan for the first time in a year or so last night and beat hell mode(had stopped after killing Nilithak).
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