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How can I get lots of rejuvenation potions

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  3. How can I get lots of rejuvenation potions

User Info: Teenage Riot

Teenage Riot
9 years ago#1
The Transmute in the player's guide (3 healing + 3 mana potions) isn't working for me.
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User Info: xCompulsiveLiar

9 years ago#2
Go to act 1 and kill monsters.
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User Info: Vydden

9 years ago#3
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: Vydden

9 years ago#4
Actually it's 3 and 3 with a chipped gem to make the rejuvie.
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User Info: derrate

9 years ago#5
Kill stuff in hell. Pick up all fulls and cube the little ones. I never run out.
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User Info: wolfy42

9 years ago#6
You could also make a find potion merc if you really wanted.

It's not needed mind you.....but it's one way to get a ton of potions in a very small amount of time.

Find potion bards just run through act III + in normal quickly killing large groups of enemies and using find potion on the corpses left behind. I think usually they use warcry to kill large numbers in very short periods of time (just tele to areas with those numbers.

If your barb can handle nightmare easily with warcries etc then you could combo it with Skill GC and Pgem runs at the same time.

With 20 points in find potion and +skills you reach a 90+% chance to get a potion per corpse. You only get a 10% chance per corpse though to get a full revive. Still when you kill 20+ enemies in a few seconds each place you teleport to...thats a very large number of full revives in seconds each time.

You don't need ANY special equipment to make a potion barbarian's cake. You can easily keep your other characters constantly supplied with full revives that way.

I've never done it myself....but it could be useful to someone just starting out:)
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User Info: Eson06

9 years ago#7
I'd cow level, any difficulty

User Info: theycallhimjim

9 years ago#8
3 healing pots + 3 mana pots + chipped gem = part rejuv potion

3 part rejuv pots = full rejuv pot

Just pick up Every. Damn. Rejuvenation potion you find, cube them up, and you should end up with a ridiculous number of full rejuv pots.
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  3. How can I get lots of rejuvenation potions

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