Can you create "Infinity" on Non-Ladder?

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  3. Can you create "Infinity" on Non-Ladder?

User Info: Hikusai

8 years ago#1
I heard it was a ladder only runeword. So if I'm on Non-Ladder, does that mean I have to trade me one if I want one?

User Info: Hikusai

8 years ago#2
Also, does the Conviction aura ignore enemy elemental immunities? If so, are there any enemies who can still resist my sorceress Ice Orb for example?

User Info: Lashenya

8 years ago#3
No you can not make it on non ladder.

Conviction, on enemies that are immune to cold, fire, or lightning, will only work at 1/5 efficiency. That means that any enemy with a natural resistance of 119 or above will not be broken of their immunity. If their immunity is broken, whatever is left over is added, that and your cold mastery will also take effect.

...make sense?
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User Info: luigi13579

8 years ago#4
You can't make it on non-ladder, so you need to trade it.

As for removing immunities, it's just like Storm said.

The Conviction aura works at 1/5 effectiveness when removing immunities. After the immunity is removed, then it works at 100% effectiveness and any other skills like Cold Mastery take effect.

For example, if an enemy has 116 Lightning Resist, then 5*16=80% is used. The other 5% works like normal. So the enemy would have 95 Lightning Res. If you have a -25% Griffon's, the enemy will have 70 res.

If, however, the enemy has 117 Lightning Resist, then the full 85% is used (5*17), so the enemy would have 100% Lightning Resist and would therefore be immune to your attacks. Things like Cold Mastery and -res only work after the immunity has been removed, so the enemy would remain immune with Infinity. Also, take note that -res only works on the character that attacks. If your merc's Infinity has -55% Lightning Res and your sorc attacks, then the -55 res wouldn't work. If your sorc wears the Infinity and attacks, then the -55% res works.

Basically, an enemy has to have less than 117 to a particular resistance in order for the immunity to be removed with Infinity.

For this reason, I would recommend you not using Infinity on a cold sorc. There are very few cold immune monsters that can have their immunities removed. It's the same for Fire Immune monsters, except maybe not quite as bad as CI monsters. Most Lightning Immune monsters' immunities can be removed, however.

User Info: Hikusai

8 years ago#5
I'm not sure I understand about this "efficiency", but to make things clear, if a monster has above 119 in Ice resistance, then even with conviction, my Ice orb will deal zero damage to that monster, no matter what?

User Info: luigi13579

8 years ago#6
With 117 cold res or above, your cold attacks will do no damage even with an Infinity merc.

Check here for their resistances:

I'll list a few here:

Oblivion Knight: 180
Flesh Spawner: 140
Stygian Hag: 150
Grotesque: 160
Thorned Hulk: 120
Bramble Hulk: 130
Thrasher: 140
Spikefist: 150
Bog Creature: 120
Faithful: 140
Sexton: 140
Heirophant: 160

I think that's all the cold immune monsters in Act 3 and 4. Every single one of them will stay immune with the Conviction aura on them. So, as you can see, Infinity is pretty much useless on a cold sorc.

User Info: Hikusai

8 years ago#7
Thank you. But what I don't understand is what Immunity has to do with Resistance? Is it that, if a monster has above a certain number in resistance, it turns into complete Immunity?

Also, if both me and my merc have the Conviction aura, will it's effect stack and become more powerful?

User Info: what_is_my_name

8 years ago#8
Only the higher level conviction will take effect if more than 1 conviction is active.

And, if you are resisting an attack 100%, doesn't that make you immune?

User Info: Hikusai

8 years ago#9
I didn't know it was about %. I considered it, but got more confused since people said that even Cold Mastery won't help.
Is it because the Resistance stats are too high? that is, that Cold Mastery does affect it, just not enough to go below 100 along with the Conviction?

Or is it that Cold Mastery won't have any affect at all if a monster has above 100 in resistance?

User Info: Explopyro

8 years ago#10
Cold Mastery doesn't work if the monster is immune, it's as simple as that. Your spells have to be capable of damaging the monster before Cold Mastery (or any -X% to Enemy Cold Resistance gear) will work.
I know the answer... what was the question again?
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  3. Can you create "Infinity" on Non-Ladder?

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