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User Info: Red_Talons

8 years ago#1
Well, I've decided to try a mojomancer and decided that the best way to deal with bosses is using Iron Maiden (the curse, not the band) and Thorns aura, thus I was wondering about aura stacking and what not.

Say I've got an Iron Golem created from a Bramble Armor, my necro has Bramble too as does my merc (should I go for a Thorns aura Act II merc or a Edge equipped one?). That way I'd have 3 Bramble-Thorns + An Edge-Thorns OR Merc-Thorns

How would these auras stack?
A) 3 Brambles (Golem, Merc, Necro) + Edge = Potentially lvl 78 aura
B) 3 Brambles + Merc Aura = 63 + Merc aura
C) They wouldn't stack at all

Also, would the Thorns dmg stack with Iron Maiden? (4825% returned dmg FTW)
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User Info: qwertas3

8 years ago#2
Aura's only stack if they are equipped on the same character. With 2 Dreams equipped on yourself it would give you a lvl 30? holy shock, but if you equip another dream on your merc it wouldn't stack. Even if you yourself use the Holy Shock aura as a skill together with 2 dreams it wouldn't stack together.
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User Info: Mog333

8 years ago#3
the above poster is correct. the highest level aura will take effect and the others will be useless
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User Info: IonRL205

8 years ago#4
Thorns and Iron Maiden are useless in higher difficulties.

The damage to HP ratio is so far apart, they would be healing themselves faster than damaging themselves.
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