Is grief really the best melee weapon?

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  3. Is grief really the best melee weapon?

User Info: bearyojo

8 years ago#1
Hey guys, I just got back not long ago and obviously...things have changed a lot.
It's really hard for me to believe that grief is the best melee weapon out there, although a lot of people had said so.

So, I'm thinking about making a WW barb just for fun, should i go for a sword or an axe? Is grief really the only choice if I want to kick ass? What about a shield? I don't see many barbs with a shield nowadays...

Thanks a bunch for the advice guys, cheers.

User Info: davewaver

8 years ago#2
yes, grief really is the best melee weapon, the damage range is what makes it great, along with the deadly strike and venom doesn't hurt

whirlwind barb your best bet is to use axes, berserker axes, grief and beast is the best combo most likely, but doom is also a useful weapon, grief is required to kick ass lol

shields are great vs certain characters, grab a stormshield and get max block and the dr and block will make you pretty great, also the phoenix runeword gives alot of damage a redemption aura which could be useful and the sanctuary runeword gives slow missiles which is fun

User Info: Sedated Cricket

Sedated Cricket
8 years ago#3
Grief+Trang Glove=Better Venom when cast. Useful on a barb with enigma, cuz the fcr helps u tele faster too. Grief+Beast or Doom+Beast are your best bets. Ebotdz works well with stormshield or with beast.

Consider making a smiter or zealer if your tired of barb, as grief is a good weapon for both of those skills.
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User Info: davewaver

8 years ago#4
I wouldn't ever use ebotd in pvp. but it works pvm

User Info: bearyojo

8 years ago#5
so does grief colossus sword work the same as berserker axe?

User Info: ASHNOD

8 years ago#6
Best is subjective
I admit that I am wrong, and you are all-knowing god of the universe~OLL to me
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User Info: destructoclaus

8 years ago#7
Built a conc barb today, and so far grief is working pretty nicely for me.
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User Info: thekillerhammer

8 years ago#8
all depends on what yo0ur going against for pve i prefer dual doom for pvp vs most char ill use dual doom for pvp with other barbs and some paladins ill use grief beast

but the high lvl holy feeze is just to awesome with twin dooms

leap battle cry war cry is fun as hell with dual dreams on
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User Info: Kaikuro

8 years ago#9
Depends on your needs, IMO.

Kickers don't like "Grief" for example, because the sextastic damage is wasted. So is the ITD, but that's a somewhat weak mod.
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User Info: Dark_Yello

8 years ago#10
griefz + ebodtz has been realy great to me.

honestly the best melle wep would be a 2 socet rare crafted 450 ed eth zerker ax with a fools mod and self repair (Lo Lo for 40% deadly)
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