What The Heck Just Happened????

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User Info: leninrocks

8 years ago#1
I just installed plugy 9.00 for single player. I use atma for my muling. Everything has been grand all day. I leveled up to 54 and wanted to use this one item that was on another character. I closed down D2 and went into ATMA. After switching the weapons, which were completely legit, I saved and then exited ATMA. I then opened D2, I opened my character up and then a message appeared,
" unable to enter game, bad inventory data"
I can open other characters and play but I want to do this one. how can I fix this? ATMA has a bunch of error messages on the bottom when I try to open the character.

User Info: MaximusDM

8 years ago#2
I hope my body can take it.
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User Info: leninrocks

8 years ago#3

User Info: the_dracolich

8 years ago#4
PlugY's multipaged stash and maybe other features as well are making problems when also using ATMA. You don't need ATMA when you have PlugY. Just enable PlugY's shared stash and exchange items through it. Put the items you need to transfer between characters in the shared stash and then get them from there with the character that needs them.
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User Info: leninrocks

8 years ago#5
I'm pretty new at Plugy obviously.
How do I do that?
also is that one character just screwed or what? can i fix that?
also with plugy i can get keys and do uber trist correct?

User Info: cjnoone

8 years ago#6
Open your Stash in PlugY, and in the lower left hand corner, you'll see a button with a chest on it. That button switches between personal and shared stashes.

And PlugY just enables the uber portals to be created. IIRC, you could still get the keys in single-player anyway, they were just useless, as you couldn't open the portal. You can also do the SoJ thing for Uber Diablo/Dclone.
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User Info: leninrocks

8 years ago#7
Is there a good tutorial on how to use Plugy?

And can I get my character to work again? I guess that is my main concern.

User Info: funkyfritter

8 years ago#8
Open up your character in a hero editor and delete the item that you tried to transfer over.
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User Info: Fenriradramelk

8 years ago#9
Unless you're a pro at using a hex editor, your character is (probably) screwed.

You *could* try uninstalling PlugY and try loading your character. In theory, whatever changes ATMA did to your character file should be intact for D2 to load it - it's worth a shot to fix your character.
I'm assuming when ATMA saves the character, it arranges the data in what unmodded D2 expects to read it as - while using PlugY gets D2 to expect and load a different (larger) set of data for the same thing.

On a side note, when you opened (or rather, saved...) your character using ATMA, it stands to logic it threw out (or best case scenario, rearranged) any items in the additional space PlugY added to your inventory/stash. So if you are able to restore your character, don't expect to have everything you had before =(
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User Info: leninrocks

8 years ago#10
I'm no expert by any means.
I decided to just delete the character. Too bad he had some nice things on him.
Thanks for all the help as always.
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