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User Info: ChickenMcTest

8 years ago#1
Hey guys I have a question for my Hammerdin I have been running a bunch lately and I was going to trade around to upgrade my merc. Here are the options I have been thinking of. Which do you think is best?

Act 1 Merc with Faith Bow
Act 1 Merc with Ice Bow

Act 2 Merc Prayer
Act 2 Merc Holy Freeze

Please let me know which you think is the best, and why!

User Info: destructoclaus

8 years ago#2
Act 1 mercs serve no purpose except to bm in duel games. Act 2 NM defense merc is your best bet. Eth CV insight, Eth Ral'd Andy's, and Efort.
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User Info: edHeinz

8 years ago#3
in nightmare mode, act 2 defensive merc have holy freeze skill that can freeze mobs. for him, weapon : eth insight, helm: eth andy or eth gaze, body : eth forti, recomend

User Info: ChickenMcTest

8 years ago#4
I guess thats true I am currently using a Holy Freeze Merc with a crappy insight and Treachery Armor.

I was really wondering if any one had experience using a Act 1 merc with an Ice Crusader Bow? How well does she work?

User Info: edHeinz

8 years ago#5
yea, act 1 rogue w/ ice rw it also work. most cases only useful for chaos rush due to ob knight w/ iron maiden skill. but as my experience, not much better than insight merc. coz hammerdin very powerful, he just earger to regen mana very well.

User Info: Chaap

8 years ago#6
i pretty much only use might mercs anymore, if not for any reason other than to have a merc that can do a lot of damage. holy freeze and defiance are ok but most well built and equipped characters don't need the defensive help
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User Info: Jvstm

8 years ago#7
Save yourself gold and get an act 1 merc.

They're MUCH more useful as they can can actually kill things, and if you give them Ice they have Holy Freeze just like defensive mercs.

Insight isn't much help at all for a Paladin, because any good Hammerdin will have one point in Redemption.
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User Info: hkd_flip_ty

8 years ago#8
my merc is act 2 offensive with fire/cold/ligh resist runes in it and tal helm with cv insight and he does great...
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User Info: Demon_Hunter94

8 years ago#9
act2 merc (doesn't really matter which kind)

eth CA insight ( better than cv)
Eth andy's ( ral or 40-15 jewel)
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