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Spam bots??

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User Info: jocko774

8 years ago#1
Is their anyway to mute them or stop them from spamming...I hate how diablo had turned into a big commercial!
Hey! Why'd he bite me. --Old Cranky man in shop. resident evil 2--

User Info: jocko774

8 years ago#2
Hey! Why'd he bite me. --Old Cranky man in shop. resident evil 2--

User Info: Jvstm

8 years ago#3
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User Info: dnLpk

8 years ago#4
Whenever I join a game I open the party thing for like 5 seconds to squelch any spam bots that come in. But some you can't squelch for some reason. :|
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User Info: TravellingJack

8 years ago#5
Some you can squelch, and some others you can prevent with level restrictions (seriously, am I the only one that uses them?!), but many of them are unblockable.
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User Info: red255

8 years ago#6
the N key is the default clear screen.
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User Info: Kayeto5

8 years ago#7
the N key is the default clear screen.

I bound my left side mouse button to the Clear Message function. Now I can just tap it constantly while I'm running around in multiplayer games. It is somewhat annoying to have to press it, but far less annoying than the spam.
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User Info: HUNKxxxMrDeath

8 years ago#8
The thing is, is that the people who actually pay these idiots who set the bots up are the ones who're buying from sites. Until people start having fun rather than investing in the game as if it's a job, the bots will forever be with the game.

User Info: 06blkredline

8 years ago#9
As far as I know you can squelch all the spam bots. Even if it says that person isn't logged on or whatever, it still squelches them.
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