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User Info: Melfice_07

8 years ago#11
Phrozen keep will not host it as it is unacceptable to mod a mod. I percieve this as hypocritical, but I have used phrozen keeps service for years and this is the only gripe with them I have had.

Well they are right, this is an unacceptable mod. All your doing is making changes to someone else's work. There are currently no mods hosted (or none that I have ever seen) at the phrozen keep that are a "remix" of an existing mod. Doesn't that give you a clue? This is like if I take the CounterStrike half life mod and make a few changes to it and call it CounterSmack and say it's my own new mod.

I don't see why you are doing this because from what I seen you currently have a fan base of 0. And I'm willing to bet if you even had a few followers playing this mod most of them will have looked passed everything you said, download it, and just see the great eastern sun mod and are saying to themselves "omg, this mod is so cool, duthos is the best modder!!", thinking you just created this whole mod.


User Info: gizmomajik

8 years ago#12
this is pretty fraudulent if it was copyrighted, but yeah, you did no work..

User Info: Duthos

8 years ago#13
I like how everyone who has not downloaded or tried this has said I did no work. As soon as someone actually tries it, hopefully someone who played ES, can give a review I expect it will become somewhat popular, as I can say it is good till the cows come home, and it will mean nothing.

Duthos is an alias for gamefaqs. My handle is Stormy Fairweather. I made The Final Incarnation mod for Diablo II and was extremely popular till LOD came out. I made a event control mod for Spore. I made extensive face kits for Neverwinter nights and Heroes IV. And more I cannot recall right now.

I have done a fair amount of work on this mod. Not the least of which was changing the difficulty and scaling. I also fixed several problems and polished ES up quite a bit. And of course Rebalancing 4k+ uniques did take a *little* work.

Look. I do not really care if you hate me or what I am doing. That is why I posted Phrozen keeps stance on it. Go ahead and don't download to your hearts content.

But tell me. What is different from modding one program to suite your tastes, and modding a mod (also a program) to suite your tastes?

Nothing. Hence my stance it is hypocritical.
My superiority complex is better than yours.

User Info: Konovalev

8 years ago#14
This topic is so... riveting...
Nice advertising for Eastern Sun though, gonna go check that mod out.

User Info: mfwahwah

8 years ago#15
Sounds pretty good. I'll try this out someday, but probably not for a little while.

And you might as well do yourself a favor and ignore the people who won't play this based on principle. There's no converting someone who is stubborn that way. It just becomes a pointless argument.
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User Info: Duthos

8 years ago#16
Well, I can respect principle. But I cannopt respect hypocrosy.

Heh, besides. These knuckleheads flaming me is a good way to keep this bumped.

Good call Kono, ES is a fantastic mod. It is the best on the market in my opinion, which is why I used it as a base. I feel mine is better of course, but unless you tried ES the differences would mean little to you.
My superiority complex is better than yours.

User Info: Duthos

8 years ago#17
Thread was improperly modded.

Post death bump.
My superiority complex is better than yours.

User Info: Duthos

8 years ago#18
The first mod for Diablo II I made back in 2001 was called the Final Incarnation. I had put it together for personal use, and used files from several mods that were out, including, combining, rebalancing and polishing item, unique, set, monster, and various other data files to create a compilation of the best aspects of the best mods available and included a great many things I added myself as well.

Just for fun I stuck it on the web (planet diablo I think) and for awhile it sat untouched. Till one guy downloaded it, and fell in love. He emailed me about a thread he had started here and I started an account (handle was Stormy Fairweather) and I arrived to find a small cult following of my mod.

My misfortune to release it three months before the expansion was set to come out, but even so in those three months it was downloaded over twenty thousand times. Point is as soon as someone actually tries this pimped version of ES I expect it will catch on quickly. Though I do not expect it to hit the same peak popularity of the Final Incarnation, I know this mod creates a more immersive, and demanding, experience in the realm of Sanctuary.

.... I know, I know, I have zero future in advertising.
My superiority complex is better than yours.

User Info: thelovefist

8 years ago#19
Posted 9/10/2009 6:24:53 PM

"I like how everyone who has not downloaded or tried this has said I did no work "

If you remember, I didn't say that you did not work I said that the work you did sounds terrible.
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User Info: happytimeharry7

8 years ago#20
yawn creativity would be nice
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all that i say is imho remeber that before you flame me.

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