Where can i find MY cd key?

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User Info: thundrio

7 years ago#1
i have lost my d2 battle chest cd key, however i still have an installation of it on a computer. unfortunatly i did not register the key on battlenet so i reinstall it anywhere. i am pretty sure that the key is somewhere in the registry (From past experience), but i am not sure. where would i look on the computer to find my cd key.

p.s. to the mods, i am not asking for an external key nor asking for anybody to tell me where to find keys that are not mine. i am just asking somebody to tell me where on MY computer is MY cd key for MY installation of the diablo 2 battle chest. i do not believe this is against the t.o.s but i cant be sure because i do not know where to find it. also this is a topic that relates to how to play the game (i am asking how to install it which is required to play the game)
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User Info: Cibrong

7 years ago#2
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User Info: Alamyst_

7 years ago#3
They do evil things. I can assure you.
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User Info: thekillerhammer

7 years ago#4
look for viewd2key.net .net is the extention it uses .netframe work so you might need to download that to you can get it from alot of websites the version youll need is 1.1 i think
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User Info: Tifas_Revenge

7 years ago#5
Use a program called SIW (System Information for Windows)... it can get not only Diablo 2 CD Keys, but also every other Key installed on your entire system for everything, including the Windows XP/Vista/7 CD Key.
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