What do i need to do to get the best bow in the game?

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  3. What do i need to do to get the best bow in the game?

User Info: DropOut_NW260

7 years ago#1
Can anybody name the top 3 bows in the game and how to get(or create) them? I dont know much about runeword/crafting/runes....ect but if its explained to me im sure i can do it. What all do i need to get one of the top bows in the game?

User Info: Paromin

7 years ago#2
GMB Faith
Some rare bow with super nice mods I suppose. Can't really think of any bow that matches up to those two.


User Info: DropOut_NW260

7 years ago#3
i tried google but i see lots of old stuff from 2005 and 2004 and im not sure if its current.

GMB Faith

How many sockets do i need? I have a Stag bow with 3 sockets and a +1 to all bow and crossbow skills. Oh and if i socket a weapon with the quest from act 5...how many sockets does it add? Also, what runes do i need?

User Info: Paromin

7 years ago#4
Faith requires 4 sockets.

All GMBs can have up to 5 sockets. Larzuk will give 5 sockets. There's a way to get 3 sockets from Larzuk but since that's still not 4 sockets no point explaining that.

Simply put you either need to pick it off the ground or socket it using the socketing recipe.

GMBs can have up to +3 Bow Skills so you want that. For an even "better" bow you'll want a Superior GMB with +15% Enchanced Damage, but honestly combining that with +3 Bow Skills and 4 Sockets that's already pushing your luck and it only adds a tiny bit of damage for a non Superior one.

For info go to http://classic.battle.net/diablo2exp/

Items -> Runewords for Faith
Items -> Horadric Cube for Recipes, particularly the socketing one

And no, don't put Faith in a Stag Bow. Just don't. Faith requires some rare runes and wasting it on a Stag Bow is just... just don't do it.

User Info: DropOut_NW260

7 years ago#5
So all i gotta do is:

1. get a Grand Matron Bow

2. take it to the socket guy(he will give me 5 sockets)

3. socket the bow with certain runes in a certain order?

IF thats correct, i have some more questions.

1. What difficulty must i go to to get a Grand Matron Bow?

2. Will the socket guy socket the bow no matter what magical attributes it has?

3. What monster/difficulty drops runes the most? I heard countess/normal but im not sure.

PS: thank you so much for helping me. u cleared alot of stuff up that i couldnt have found out on my own.

User Info: Paromin

7 years ago#6
Erm no.

To make runewords you need the exact number of sockets equal to the runes you need on the item you want to make the runeword in. So since Faith requires 4 Runes, only 4 socket items will work.

GMB drops in hell, just to be safe. I forgot the place where you can farm it, but to be safe

The Pit
Chaos Sanctuary

Those are sure fire places to get a GMB from.

User Info: 1stpklosr

7 years ago#7
Well, what you have to do looks more like this.

1. Get to Hell so you can find socketed GMB with good mods.

2. Pray to the drop gods that when a GMB does drop it has +3 to skills and exactly 4 sockets.

3. Collect the runes: ohm, jah, lem, and eld (for which you might want to make a sacrifice to the drop gods)

3. ????

3. Profit: socket the bow with the certain runes mentioned in that order

do not use larzuk to socket your bow, it wont give you 4, you cant have more than 4 or the runeword wont work. 4 and only 4. Good luck, happy hunting.

User Info: DropOut_NW260

7 years ago#8

So ONLY hell mode drops the GMB. THEN i have to pray its 4 sockets?
Half those runes i have never heard of, so i guess they are only dropped in hell as well. This crap is gonna take a LONG ass time.

User Info: sledgebomber

7 years ago#9
You can trade if you play online.
Don't look here

User Info: funkyfritter

7 years ago#10
Diablo is not a game in which you seek out specific equipment, as the drop rates on everything are incredibly low. Instead either play through normally and use whatever you happen to find or if you're playing online collect high value items until you can trade for what you want. Trying to get any one particular item without trading is an exercise in futility.
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  3. What do i need to do to get the best bow in the game?

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