Defeating the Ancients

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User Info: xPiroFirex

7 years ago#1
Mode: Single Player
Diff: Hell
Sorceress lvl 77
Build: Firewall and Frozen orb

I decided to take a break from the bots on bnet and try single player out. I've almost finished the game however I'm stuck on defeating the ancients in hell. Any ideas for a successful battle plan or tips on isolating the ancients for one on one combat?

-Thanks in advance, Nick

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User Info: idrumtomuch

7 years ago#2
You'll essentially NEVER do it with a sorc at that level, if ever with a sorc alone.

User Info: neslabel2

7 years ago#3
<i>You'll essentially NEVER do it with a sorc at that level, if ever with a sorc alone.</i>

Single player no editor that is. Ladder it's easy pretty managable for a sorc. Did my hell ancients at 75 with my lite sorc.
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User Info: GabrielConroy

7 years ago#4
Proper melee sorcs can take Hell Ancients ridiculously fast.

But with this build, you need a meaty merc and you'll have to teleport around for a while. It's almost impossible to isolate by yourself in this case.

User Info: Paromin

7 years ago#5
Buy a bunch of potions from Malah
Drop it on the ground
Reroll Ancients until you get mods that are favorable to you
Feed Merc with potions or respec so you have a skill that doesn't require enemies to stand still.

User Info: JJH777

7 years ago#6
lifetap wand would be very helpful as well. You can get them from malah with a few shop resets.
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User Info: majesticmystic

7 years ago#7
Teleport is godly. Use it a lot. Use it to avoid hits, reposition yourself, reposition your merc, withdraw your merc when he's badly hurt, and so on. Lots of fat purples help too. Also, you can sometimes park one ancient away if you teleport far away enough. Madawc will sometimes try to attack a wall if it's between you and him. Use all of those to your advantage and you should be able to scrap a win if their mods don't become too ridiculous.
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